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I may not agree with your opinion, but I will defend to the death my right to ridicule it.

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Forever Wednesday

Billy Shakespeare once said "There is nothing new under the sun." True it is.

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That's right—free!
I'm sure you're the same as I am. Whenever you're sitting around talking about weighty matters in society the discussion always turns to community college, and always sooner rather than later. That has and probably will always be the most pressing concern that Americans deal with in their lives.

Thank God that we finally have a President with the courage to take on the crisis of community college not being free!

Charging at the capillaries
As you contemplate what kind of a pipsqueak moron of a pissant the President is, now would be a good time to hearken back to his directive to NASA. You recall NASA—the agency that successfully took humans beings to the moon and return them safely to Earth. That NASA.

In Barack Obama's mind, the prime function of that agency is to "Make muslims feel good about themselves."

On Guile
You've heard the term "without guile" A person without guile is someone who says it straight--he's not trying to deceive you. The other day it occurred to me that I am without guile.

Then I thought about it some more and it occurred to me that I'm just dumb.

Here's what I'm talking about: Phrases people use that aren't literal. Let's call them Guile Phrases. A lot of times people use phrases that don't mean what the words really say. Sometimes they use them to be polite, sometimes to be clever, sometimes to draw someone off balance in a discussion.

For example, I remember when I was a young man and asked an instructor at a flight school for something, like to take a plane out of state or something. He said "Well. we don't usually do that . . . "

He was politely saying "No," but I'm standing there . . . well, but maybe this time? I'm like the guy in Guardians of the Galaxy who takes everything literally.

I'll often use terms that are reserved as Guile Phrases, but I'm really sincere in the question. Then I realize I come across as sarcastic. You know, things like "What are you upset about?" That phrase is used to mean "You don't have anything to be upset about!" but the literal words aren't that.

Years and years ago I was driving back from Vegas with a girl I was dating and we passed this group of people walking along in the bar ditch. We'd heard about them on the news--they were walking across America for some cause or another. I asked the girl "Explain to me how them walking across the country achieves [world peace]?" or whatever their mission was. I sincerely wondered. I thought maybe they had gotten pledges by the mile and were going to donate it to some foundation, or something. I didn't know. I really wanted to know how that worked.

She freaked out. (Yes, I did date a liberal once). She started yelling that I didn't understand the concept of a futile gesture (true enough) and . . . well, I don't know what else she said on accounta 'cause I suddenly realized that I really needed to listen to Boston full blast on my Walkman at that very moment, and I put on my headphones and started doing just that.

But you get the idea. These reserved phrases everyone understands don't mean what the words say. Well, everyone understands that but me.

It's a very effective debating trick, and (being dumb, as I am) gets me almost every time.

I'm drawing a blank on a good example of what I'm talking about (I told you I was dumb), but it's something like "I know you understand a lot more than I do about the dynamics of a drill string, so help me identify where my thinking is flawed . . ."

I apologize. That's a really clunky example, but honestly a blog no one reads doesn't merit the effort to think of a good one. Anyway, the person is posturing as someone who is wanting to benefit from your superior understanding, but really they are getting you off guard to sucker punch you with evidence that you're wrong.

Do What You Want
One of the funnier ones is this ad for a motorcycle where a husband misunderstood when his wife told him "Do whatever . . . you want."

Even I, as dumb as I am, understand that when a woman says "Do whatever you want" it means there are going to be serious consequences if you do.

I did have a point!
Here's the point . . . and not a moment too soon!

The people-shaped piles of slime in Ferguson were calling for "Justice!"

Okay, if a police officer shoots a bad guy who is trying to kill him in self-defense, justice would mean that he is not charged with a crime for that. Oh, wait . . when you say "justice" you mean ruin the life of that innocent man? See, I didn't understand that, 'cause you used the word "justice."

A similar thing happens when liberals say we need to have a "Dialog on race." That means the same thing everything a liberal says. "You have to agree with me!"

If they really wanted a dialog on race, it would look like this: Obama was elected by racists.

It's true. People who support Obama do so because he's black. I know this because they say the only reason I don't support him is because he's black.

They obviously think being black defines a person. Now, that's as racist as you can get.

It's true, I despise a black socialist idiot as much as I do a white one. And if you're an arrogant prick you fall under the rules governing how I feel about all people who are arrogant pricks. Some people I like, some people I don't.

If you say I'm not allowed to dislike a black man, you're saying you don't consider black men to be people.

You can't call me a racist for bashing Obama without proving you are a racist. Simple as that.

Why you find this so fascinating
The reason you find this so timely and fascinating right at this very moment is because the movie Selma is out right now.

No, it's true. That's the reason I'm posting this. It's not just that I like calling some pipsqueak elected by morons an arrogant prick.

What's the most famous thing Martin Luther King ever said? That he looked forward to the day when a man would be judged on the "Content of character, instead of the color of his skin."

Well, that works both ways. When you elect a man simply based on the color of his skin, whatever the color, you are violating that tenet.

And here's a PS. They are trying to do that again. I think it would be great to a elect a woman President, if the person who is the most capable of doing the job happens to be a woman. But is this the time to elect another incompetent idiot to the highest office in the land just because of which public restroom that person uses?

What is money?
Money is how we store energy.

You get money as a result of your energy — your production and your work. When you spend money on something that you don't get, that is energy that is gone.

Think of it this way: It's like sitting in your car spinning your tires. You are burning fuel, but no result is coming from it.

The first law of thermodynamics is that the energy in the universe is constant. You cannot create energy. But energy can be changed from one form into another.

For example, in your car do you have chemical energy stored in the gas tank. That chemical energy is transformed into thermal energy in the cylinders. That thermal energy is then transformed into kinetic energy to move the car.

At each of those stages there is some loss in energy. Well, the energy isn't lost, it's just not transformed with 100% efficiency. More on that in a minute.

So now you've transformed that chemical energy in your tank into motion of a car, and you've used it to do work--translating that car from one place to another. When you put on the brakes you take all of that kinetic energy and transform it into noise and thermal energy in the atmosphere. And that energy can't be used ever again.

The energy that is no longer useful is in a form called entropy.

The second law of thermodynamics is that the entropy of the universe is increasing. That means that all of the energy in the universe is very gradually being transformed from something that's useful to something that's not.

That's a scary concept. It's called 'heat death.' It means that the useful energy of the universe is gradually dying.

Now, there is an awful lot of energy in the universe. The sun is spewing energy at a rate that we cannot fathom. So you will never see the effects of the entropy of the universe. And your great grandkids for thousands of generations will never see it either.

But think of the concept. Adjust the scale and the rates to something much, much smaller than the universe. This is why it's dangerous to spend money on things that don't return value.

Things that you spend money on that return value move your car. Other things, like lawyers and government bureaucracy and insurance, just steal the energy that you have and turn it into slipping tires and heat and noise. You can handle some of that, but at some point you can't pump fuel into your tank at a high enough rate to keep the car moving.

When you manage a first class media instrument like this blog, you have to pay attention to important details—like formatting. It occurred to me that my analysis on the earth-shaking community college proposal, brilliant as it was, could be improved by a simple formatting change.

Instead of just laying down paragraph upon paragraph I think a more readable format would include brief headings stating the main points of discussion.

So let's analyze these six aspects of the President's proposal, which I have clearly identified with a heading.

1. What a putz
The President of the United Freaking States, after six years in office, finally arrives at the momentous initiative that will deliver the salvation he promised us in 2008. What is it?

Free community college. That's right—free!

2. What a putz
You know what free means. It means the taxpayers pay for it. But they don't just pay for the tuition. They also get to pay for the bloated bureaucracy to administer the "free" program, sucking away more money that could be used for actual productivity.
3. What a putz
Accessible? Because you know how impossible it is to get into community college these days!
4. What a putz
Obama will only give you "The first two years . . ." free. 'Cause, you know, those four year community colleges . . .
5. What a putz
Obama tells us "Everybody understands . . . " that this is the solution to all our problems. Anyone who disagrees with him is just not worthy to participate in the discussion.
6. What a putz
This proposal is brilliant in how stupid it is. You have to wonder how many dozens of other ideas they talked about proposing, but they just weren't stupid enough to do what needed to be done. That is, proffer something so stupid that the adults in Congress had to shoot it down so the administration could paint them as blocking proposals to save America.

Anybody stupid enough to support Obama is stupid enough to think free community college rivals any ideas Winston Churchill had to save his nation.

See? Isn't it so much better when you have a heading explaining the crux of each aspect you're discussing?

Toon Time!

I told you so
I did pretty well scholastically in grade school. (What's that you say? What happened later in my education? Hey! What's that over there?!!!) The one person in my class who gave me a run for the top spot was Sandra Renee Hendrix. Yep. A girl.

It intrigued the eight year old me that a girl was smart.

That was my first introduction to the concept, but not the last. Over the years I've learned the lesson that all men learn. Girls are smarter. Enter Ann Coulter.

I told you that Obama's stupid "free" community college proposal came out of nowhere (or a dark, unsanitary place) and was going to be ridiculously expensive. I also pointed out that community college is about as hard to get into as a Sandra Fluke's pants.

Ann made all the points that I did in her first two sentences, but in addition, pointed out in those first sentences why such a stupid proposal suddenly appeared out of the blue. It's so Obama can denounce Republicans as naysayers.

I knew there was something nagging at the back of my mind about that!

I gather from Obama's "free" community college proposal that his plan for dealing with the Republican Congress over the next two years is to throw out ridiculously expensive ideas no one has ever heard of before, and then denounce Republicans for being naysayers.

Community college is already incredibly inexpensive. The only thing that will jack up the price is making it "free."

She then proceeds to outline the democrats' role in college being so expensive. Hey, Obama brought it up. Let's go ahead and talk about it.

Just read the column already.

The View from the Rabbit Hole
I keep going over and over this in my mind.

You have to buy health insurance. That's the law.

So that's going to cost you between $12,000 and $18,000 every single year. That's a house payment on a house worth between $200,000 and $300,000! But you don't get the house, you just pay the money. That's a brand new fully loaded F150 SuperCab four-wheel-drive every three years. But you don't get the truck, you just pay the money. That's tuition at a very nice university.

Are you seeing a pattern here? That's a lot of groceries and furniture and houses and cars and fitness equipment and recreational gear and education and entertainment that are not getting purchased.

You need to understand what you do get for the money you pay to an insurance company: Nothing.

That money, call it $15,000 every year, is what you pay every single year before you ever set foot in a doctor's office or buy a single prescription. The insurance company doesn't even start helping until you've paid your $6,000 in deductibles. If a doctor visit costs $100 (mine cost 81.50) that's 60 trips to the doctor that you have to pay for out of pocket before any insurance even starts to kick in. Do you (or anyone you know) go to the doctor five times every single month?

I know, I know, health care is not just doctor visits, it's all those times you keep getting hit by a bus and having heart attacks at work. The point is that medical care costs a LOT less than insurance. Well, you say, you never know. You might get hit by a bus. Even if you do, you've paid for that a thousand times over in your premiums. What you personally pay in insurance is highly likely to be much more than what you use in medical care. What we as a society pay is unquestionably more than the services that we get. That's how insurance works. Casinos aren't in business to pay out money to gamblers.

Do you understand what I'm telling you? Those numbers are going to be different for everyone, but they are a good average for someone working and paying taxes. How many families are there in America? All those people who are trying to provide for their families are spending all of that money and getting nothing in return. That is money that is not creating wealth.

That's money they are required by law to give away that they don't have to buy things they need and want. Fifteen thousand freaking dollars worth of living they are denied every freaking year!

You can say it creates jobs for the insurance industry. You might think it's great for them at our expense. No. It's not! They are on the same ship they are sinking!

You cannot make that much wealth evaporate and not have it damage the economy!

Or, you can take the alternative. You can choose to not get health insurance. You save the money you would have paid for insurance and all you pay is for the actual health care you get--the same amount you would have paid on top of your premiums.

But then instead of insurance premiums, you get to pay a "penalty" to the government you've offended by your crime, and you don't have insurance if you do happen to get hit by a bus. It's less than the insurance, but it's Same story. It's still thousands of dollars that you don't have for providing for your family and growing the economy.

It's money that disappears from your wallet leaving nothing to show for it.

All that because you chose to pay the person who provided you the service, the same way that you would if you bought a hamburger or an airline ticket.

Please explain what I'm missing here. I cannot understand how any member of Congress that voted for the ACA is still in office.

You heard it here first: We. Are. Screwed.

Oh. My. Gosh.
The Community Organizer in Chief came out with a major announcement. What was it? Something about jobs? International policy? A new breakthrough in simplifying the tax code? A major initiative that will reduce crime?

Community college.

To make sure that community college is accessible for everybody. Put simply, what I'd like to do is to see the first two years of community college free, for everybody who's willing to work for it. That's right—free! For everybody who's willing to work for it.
Free. Listen to the video—the way he says "Free!"

These people have absolutely no idea about how the world works. "Free!" Oh, it's so simple. Nobody pays for it. Why didn't we think of that before?! So the teachers don't charge and the facilities don't cost anything and all the materials cost nothing—it's so simple!

Okay, that's the main outrage of this imbecilic proposal—the idiotic idea that the President can just give things away free. We're going to come back to that. But first I've got a couple of other points this thing brings to light that I want to get in before you get too bored. (I don't do the 140 characters deal here, you might have noticed.)

Barack Obama is a guy who likes to strike right at the very capillaries of an issue. You're going along minding your own business and Oh! Here's the President of the United States with something to say to the nation. What momentous topic will he be tackling this time?

Community college?

He's just a child. He just makes crap up as he goes along. Doesn't this "major announcement" sound a lot like the "major award" Ralphie's old man was so excited about winning?

It's like Obama's second inaugural address. In the archives are inaugural addresses about war and peace and facing down tyrants, going to the moon, and other profound issues that America deals with. Next to them is a document with Barack Obama saying people should be able to love who they want to and global warming is a fact. That document should be filed with the rest of the second graders' papers on what they did over their summer vacation.

What an insignificant pipsqueak.

Next. This is so critical because we need to make community college accessible? Really? 'Cause you know how impossible it is to get into community college these days!

Then he talks about "The first two years . . ." you know, for those four year community colleges.

Then there's the Obamaic theme of "I am the world. " Everything he says (look for it, I swear that it is in every single statement that he makes) includes some form of "There is no debate on this topic." In this case it was "Everybody understands . . . " Yeah. Anyone who thinks that free community college is not the cornerstone of democracy is just not worthy to be in the discussion.

Okay. Back to the main point. Free! Why should someone have to pay for education? That's just not right!

I am not making this up—I swear I'm not. A guy I work with had this revolutionary idea. He says he can't understand why you can't go into a store and just take only what you need for your family. Why do we even have to have money?

Stack of Bibles. A guy who votes and drives and is capable of reproducing said that.

I guess the idea is that people take whatever groceries they need free, but then the guy selling the groceries gets a free car and free shoes and it all just makes a big Kumbaya circle or something.

That's what jumped to my mind when Barack Obama said that he wanted community college to be FREE!. "I don't understand. Why do we have to have this whole money deal?"

You know how this works. "Free" means that taxpayers pay for it. Now, the morons who come up with this crap think that it's a great deal for the person who gets the free stuff and the only people inconvenienced are those who have to pay for it. And it's a victimless crime, because people with money are evil anyway.

That's why I call them morons. The person getting the "free" education suffers right along with the rest of them. 'Cause the wood he's burning to keep himself warm came off the building that shelters all of us. That $2,000 tuition is now going to cost $2,500 when you have to pay for a new government bureaucracy to manage it. And the cost is going to go up and the quality is going to down from there.

And that extra cost isn't creating extra value. I've told you how this works. You have $200,000. You use it to build a house. Now you don't have the money, but you have an asset work 200K. In addition, all the people involved in building your house have the 200K to put into their own hard assets. That's how wealth gets created. Anything that increases costs without increasing value tears down society as a whole.

Lawyers and hucksters and government cost money but give nothing of value. That tears down society—the very society those crooks live in, but they feel the effects less.

You want a free education? Read my blog. No charge. One hour reading this meaningless drivel will give you more understanding than the Pipsqueak in Chief got from all of his high-priced education.

If you don’t get it I can't help you.
Okay, here's a common theme of my blog—the idea that there are things that are either unnecessary or inadequate.

If you have a brain, I don't have to explain to you how ridiculous the idea is. If you don't, any explanation I offer will be inadequate to convince you.

But that's the very nature of my blog—unnecessary or inadequate. I'm not trying to convince or explain. All three people who read this blog understand already, they just like to hear me call the President of the United States a pipsqueak. If I eliminated everything that wasn't inadequate or unnecessary I wouldn't have a blog.

Hey . . . maybe there is a way I can contribute to society . . . "

Interestingly enough, the sentiment comes from a saying about going to college. The line is that if a woman is attractive she doesn't need a college education. If she's not, it won't help her.

Which is extremely politically incorrect, which is the perfect segue into my next topic.

If I had a son he would look like Spam
Spam is hoax.

"You just won a million dollars!"

What? No, I didn't.

So you filter it out. You don't need your life cluttered by all that crap that's not real; hoaxes and people lying to you.

But you know the deal. You filter out all the crap that's not real, then legitimate things get caught in the spam filter.

Last week I found myself standing at a gate in the airport three hours before the flight left because my spam filter held up the e-mail the airline sent me saying the flight was delayed. That was a pain.

But I'm not going to turn off my spam filter. For that one message that was real I avoided 500 that were people trying to deceive me.

Spam. That's my new name for the Concept Formerly Known as the Rape Hoax.

Rolling Stone does some article about how awful it is that a girl got raped by someone in a frat house. "Omigosh, that's horrible!" (Urgent notice about your credit card payment!!!).

Oh, wait. She made it up. Not true. Right click: send all future messages like this to junk mail.

See, that's too bad, 'cause rape is a horrible thing. Just like being late on your credit card (or other dire threats about foods that are bad for you or body parts that are inadequate). But once someone cries wolf, you can't believe them. And for the one in a million times that maybe it is a legitimate problem with your mortgage payment, it's not worth wading through the crap.

What I'm saying is those bastards that proliferate spam are responsible for me not getting the message from the airline.

Any messages from Michelle Obama go directly to junk mail.

A short woman asks the first lady to help her reach a box of detergent on a high shelf and that's racism? Really? Right click—label as junk! Anything she says goes directly into your spam filter, along with anything tagged with the "racism."

Is there racism in America? Sure. Same as there is probably a seductive women somewhere waiting for a phone call from a fat old bald guy like me (so they can give me a killer deal on a reverse mortgage, no doubt).

But, thanks to people like Michelle Obama, I'm not going to pay attention to it. Anything tagged with "environment, war on women, climate change . . . " goes in there, too.

I would really rather that evil people didn't cause me to miss important messages. But that's the world we live in.

Obama's Race Relations Liason
What a pile of crap that man is.

This is the same thing we were just chatting about. Is there police brutality in America? Sure

But thanks to the little boys who cried "Police brutality!" when there isn’t any wolf threatening the sheep, we'll never pay attention to it.

The Islamist Terror Attacks in Paris
Read this great article by Johan Goldberg on how the Paris attack puts the world in a bad spot. The guy seldom disappoints.

I liked this line (although it's not necessarily the thesis sentence of the article): "In any war, the goal is to put your enemy in a position where he has no good options."

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