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What the hell kind of country is this where I can only hate a man if he's white?
    Hank Hill

The Black Male Code
In the wake of the Trayvon Martin Incident, somebody wrote a column about "The Black Male Code." The writer, who is black, said he was driving his kid to school and the radio news was talking about the killing, and he had to explain to his son that because he is black, white people are going to be afraid of him. Because he is black, white people who see him on the street are going to give him a wide berth and be afraid that he might attack them. Just because he's black.

This isn't the first time this has come up. The phenomenon is real, but . . . well, two things.

First, black males aren't the only people that peace-loving citizens avoid. Yesterday I saw a kid in a parking lot. He was whiter than I am, but he was the kind of person you'd avoid on the sidewalk. A real piece of trash. Low slung pants, hoodie . . . you know the look. I don't have to describe it. The kind of person you would either cross the street to avoid, or pay for a shot at with a baseball bat. All decent people want to avoid people like that, regardless of the color of either person.

Second, okay, so you're a black person and you're all in a tizzy because people cross the street when they see a black male coming. Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't you loot, riot, and burn down drug stores to prove to Whitey that you're nothing to be afraid of?

White man shoots black man, blacks riot, loot, and burn to prove they are the good guys here.

Seriously? What part of the Black Male Code is that?

I wonder if your behavior rather than your skin color is what makes people want to avoid you. If it's a choice between looking like a racist and going home to their family, or the possibility of ending up in the hospital trying to prove that they're open minded in spite of what they see on the news, most people are going to choose playing it safe.

I guaran-goshdarn-tee you that white people in the sane part of town don't avoid well-dressed, respectable black people coming toward them on the sidewalk. The reason there are "bad" parts of town is because people who live there behave like the morons who are rioting over the Trayvon Martin deal.

You're upset about The Code? Screw you. Don't expect me to be blind to your behavior when I assess whether you're a threat or not. Do you want to keep crying about how no one respects you as a human being, or do you want to start acting like a human being?

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A Road Apple by Any Other Name

Back in the early 90s, the Clinton administration pushed through a law called "The Violence Against Women Act." Of course, nobody wants Violence against Women. A law that's against Violence against Women--that has to be a great law, right?


I know Bill Clinton didn't invent this trick, but he used it more extensively than any politician I've seen before or since. Bill Clinton tried to push through some sleazy, low-down things, but he always gave them really noble names. You'll recall that he called his tax increases "contributions." Smashing the second amendment he called "The Crime Bill."

You see this trick in the "Peace and Freedom Party," which is all about socialism and nothing to do with peace or freedom. You saw it referenced in an episode of M*A*S*H, where a list of subversive organizations included the "Students for a Democratic Society." Hawkeye sarcastically commented "Well, we can't have that!"

The Violence Against Women Act is an anti-marriage law that was pushed through as a payoff to Clinton's feminist support. The purpose of the law is not to prevent violence against women, it is to funnel tax funds to left-wing special interest groups.

And that's the obscenity of it. Violence against women is a serious problem. When you reduce the problem to a farce intended to funnel money to evil people, you turn a horrible thing into a joke. Instead of battling the problem with any measures that are needed, we tend to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Counterfeits like this law strip credibility from the legitimate problems. They are like the rape hoax, that casts doubt on any subsequent allegation of rape.

This is why I despise Democrats so much. It's because they take really important issues and bastardized them for power. They couldn't care less than they do about the environment, poverty, crime, women's rights . . .

And race.

They got us
There is no more perfect example of the democrats' deceit than in the election of Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a black man. He is also a Marxist, an elitist, an anti-American, and an evil person. He is exactly the kind of person the radical left wingers want in power. And he is exactly the kind of person that we do not elect to lead our country.

But the idiot democrats bowed to the evil democrats, anxious--nay, desperate--to prove they weren't the racists they knew they were.

Then comes the obscenity. Anyone who opposes Obama is obviously a racist. Now, to be a racist is a horrible thing--well, it used to be. People were beaten up and abused and thrown in jail and even killed to make the word "racist" a horrible thing to be called. In one election cycle the democrats have reduced the term to mean "Someone who disagrees with me."

The word now means nothing. What they've done is an obscenity.

And they don't care. Their professed championing of racial equality is nothing more than another tool to get power and money.

What does that do to Obama? It reduces him to nothing more than his race. If the only thing we can oppose him on is his race, that's the only characteristic he has. If I can't oppose him for anything but his race, you can't support him for any other reason. You have reduced him to nothing.

And they continue to get us
The Hell of it is, Republicans seem to be incapable of countering this trick. Every time we're in the ring, the democrats shift their weight to their right foot and nail us with a left roundhouse. Every single time. And every single time we stand there and get hit. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

Mitch Daniels said it: "I wish my teammates would quit taking the bait."

No kidding.

I'll spare you another rendition of the Haley Barbour story. Holy crap . . . Do you have to be an idiot to be in the Republican leadership? If a moron like me can see that kick coming from the other side of the ring, why do these career politicians step into it every time?

One trick you've seen is what I call The Brian syndrome, having nothing at all to do with anybody that I know named Brian.

Sometimes if someone's willing to sell their dignity to get a trivial thing, the only thing you can do is take their dignity. Some people will do anything to avoid getting "charity." They are on their death bed and if you offer to bring in a meal they are insulted. Other people are happy to play weak, sick, dumb, poor, whatever, to get the silliest favors. Sorry, I--the Master of the Analogy--am unable to come up with a fitting example at the moment. In those cases you often just let them surrender their dignity and give them what they want.

But if you don't want to take their dignity, the counter to this maneuver is to simply call them on it. "Are you really that incapable of making a living that you want me to loan you my car and fill it up afterwards?"

That's where this ties in. The counter to the democrat signature left roundhouse is to simply call them on it. Point it out. Expose it to light, call it by name. "Seriously? Did you really just imply that…?"

Then, after you "Did you really just pull the race card on me?" you Judo it back onto them. "Fine, I'm listening. Make your case. Explain to me how my opposition to TARP is racist." You called me a racist. The burden of proof is on you to prove it, not on me to refute it. I won't let you get away with it.

Maybe Someday
This is why that Frank Leany character really needs to get on the ball and finish that encyclopedia of tricks.

I like messing around with logic. My favorite list of logical fallacies categorizes them by type. This makes sense in a lot of things you do. This is how we organize our computer files--by type and subtype. That's efficient.

I've always wanted to put together an encyclopedia of . . . tricks? Tactics? Things . . . that categorizes stuff. Like, that's a different joke than this one, but they both use the same mechanism, which is itself a subset of this one . . . It's kinda' like the six basic plots deal.

That's the better way to store this stuff in your brain housing assembly. A few folders with subfolders and they have subfolders . . .

It's like fingerprinting. There are billions of different fingerprints, but by cataloguing characteristics you can narrow in on one in a hurry, by eliminating all those that don't match a certain characteristic, then dropping down a level, and so on. You search for a car in the classifieds the same way. "I'm only looking for Trucks," takes the list of 10,590 vehicles down to 2,563; then "I only want Fords," reduces the list to 768; then "I only want Ford Trucks that have a V8" . . . pretty soon you have a manageable list.

Anyway . . . stay tuned.

For a long time . . .

Glass Houses
This is comical: Newt Gingrich called Mitt Romney "The Insider Establishment Candidate." Seriously.

That's like Bill Maher calling someone ugly.

. . . or creepy . . . or stupid . . . or repulsive . . . or disgusting, or disturbing, spiteful, vile, unfunny . . .

But, I digress. Newt Gingrich, the man who has lived and worked in Washington for the past 30 years, cautions us that Romney is an insider. You will never find a bigger insider than former congressman turned lobbyist Newt Gingrich. Truly that is rich comedy.

Then the Republican Establishment is running ads saying "Don't vote for Mitt Romney, because he's the one the Republican Establishment wants you to vote for!"

As is often the case, I have chosen who I am for by who is against him. Ann Coulter loves Romney and makes an excellent case for him (and against the other candidates), and I've always supported him. I'm not sure why I'm not more enthused about Romney, 'cause he seems like the perfect candidate. But after listening to the people running ads against him, I am cemented in my support for him.

Rick Santorum (and Rush) says that it is to our advantage to delay picking the Republican nominee. As soon as we have a nominee, the Obama machine is going to direct all its resources to destroying him. So, he says, we should string out the process as long as we can to give the eventual candidate the best shot.

But, as Coulter points out, we've known since the beginning that Romney is going to be the candidate. Obama knows that, and is already attacking him.

HBO: How Blatantly Obvious
I guess it's fitting. You turn on HBO to watch movies. Movies are how we escape reality. They aren't real. They are fiction. They are supposed to be over-the-top dramatic. We understand that movies have no relationship to reality.

When I check into a hotel I make a note of the channels they have that I might want to watch. I will skip the shopping channels, MTV, Univision, MSNBC, CNN . . . I pick a half dozen channels that I can go through, like AMC, or channels that are likely to have Supernatural, House, Simpsons, or Psych. I avoid channels that run Law & Order 24 hours/day. In the morning while I'm getting ready I watch the local news on the networks.

Typically HBO has been on the list of channels I check. But the last trip I was on I realized, I have never found anything I want to watch there. I like movies (who doesn't?) but they don't run movies. They are all stuck on themselves, now, running their own creations, mockumentaries and HBO specials. Is it just me, or didn't "Box Office" used to imply movies?

Why did I keep checking? I kept going back. Maybe there will be a movie I can fall asleep to. There never is. Right at the time they should be running a bedtime movie they run . . . seriously? Bill Maher.

Anyone who knows me would be surprised that I ever stopped there again after the first time I saw him in the lineup. If there is a more disgusting waste of skin on the planet than Bill Maher, I don't want to know about him. I can't think of enough horrible things to say about that walking rectum.

But this last trip . . . between HBO specials and really boring movies about horse racing that have gobs and gobs of huge Hollywood stars but no story, they run trailers for a hit piece on Sarah Palin. But it's not enough they just run the trailers every half hour. Then they run hour-long specials on "The Making of the Piece of Filth Lies About Sarah Palin Movie."

I thought that feature was pretty funny. "We got this material on 'deep background,' meaning that the people who told us this stuff did it on the condition that we never, ever, under any circumstances, ever reveal who told us that."

In other words (for those of you with the IQ of Bill Maher), no living person you will ever meet will ever corroborate the lies that we've woven into this piece of crap production.

As the church lady would say "Isn't that convenient?"

This ties into the last post, not 'cause it's peripherally about that spawn of Satan Bill Maher, but because I love Sarah Palin even more knowing that the demons who share Maher's cage are driven so crazy by her. The tipping criterion for determining who is good is who his enemies are.

Actually it's kind of a relief. It makes my hotel stays that much simpler now that I have one less channel to surf. The waste of time channels like QVC, MTV, MSNBC, CNN, and HBO are now outnumbering the ones I might watch.

So, here's the new policy: The hotel TV only comes on for the morning news. Done.

So that's resolved, but now I'm pissed that I've wasted my precious blog talking about the disgusting pieces of filth who run HBO.

Thanks for the Contribution
Here is an article on HBO's Sarah Palin hit piece. My favorite line from the article is this:

"If you could buy liberals for how much they know and sell 'em for how much they don’t know, you could make a large fortune."

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