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See, you've got George W., who's a compassionate conservative. Me, I'm a grumpy conservative. I'm like the image of Bob Dole, who, you'll remember, didn't win the presidency 'cause people said he reminded them of someone who might say "Hey, you! Get off my lawn!"



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Reparations, by Fred Reed

Just Who is this Frank Leany, anyway?


Mr. Leany is a well-known1 commentator with a sizable2 following in the conservative community. He is a regular participant in This Week with Sam and Cokie 3 and has contributed articles to various nationally distributed publications.4

Mr. Leany's debating skills have silenced several prominent liberal politicians5 and he has served as a consultant to President Bush6 as well as various conservative talk show personalities.7 He has been heard on national radio talk shows8 and is regularly sought out for advice by influential people.9

Frank Leany. He puts the point into viewpoint.10


1. Literally dozens of people know him, although most of them have never read his comments.
2. Heck, one guy who read one of his articles weighs 385 lbs.
3. He sits on the couch in his underwear and yells at George Stephanopolous.
4. His letter to the editor in a local paper once ended up in New York City when someone wrapped a vase in it to send to her mother.
5. One click of the remote and those suckers are silent.
6. Sent him an e-mail.
7. Hey, if they don't like it, why do they keep giving out their e-mail addresses?
8. Our local station is part of the nation. Again, don't give out the number if you don't want people to call.
9. Daddy! What can we do fun?
10. Whatever that means.

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