I Wish My Daddy Was a Dog
by Elrod C. Leany

One day when Bruce was just a lad, first starting out in school,
He came into my workshop and climbed upon a stool.
I saw him as he entered but I hadn't time to play.
So I merely nodded to him and said, "Don't get in the way."

He sat awhile just thinking.... As quiet as could be,
Then carefully he got down and came and stood by me.
He said, "Old Shep, he never works and he has lots of fun.
He runs around the meadows and barks up at the sun.

"He chases after rabbits and always scares the cats
He likes to chew on old shoes and sometimes mother's hats.
But when we're tired of running and we're sitting on a log,
I sometimes get to thinking. . . 'I wish my daddy was a dog.'

" 'Cause then when I came home from school you'd run and lick my hand
And then we'd jump and holler and tumble in the sand
And then I'd be as happy as a little boy could be
If we could play the whole day through--just my dad and me.

"Now I know you have to work real hard to buy us food and clothes.
And you need to get the girls those fancy ribbons and bows.
But sometimes when I'm lonesome I think t'would be lots of fun,
If my daddy was a dog, and all his work was done."

Now when he'd finished speaking, he looked so lonely there,
I reached my hand out to him and ruffled up his hair.
And as I turned my head aside to brush away a tear,
I thought how nice it was to have my son so near.

I know the Lord didn't mean for man to toil his whole life through,
"Come on, my son I'm sure I have some time for you."
You should have seen the joy and sunlight in his eye,
As we went outside to play - just my son and I.

Now, as the years have swiftly flown and youth has slipped away,
I've tried always to remember to leave some time to play.

When I pause to reminisce and think of joys and strife,
I carefully turn the pages of this wanderer's book of life.
I find the richest entry recorded in that daily log,
Is the day that small boy whispered, "I wish my daddy was a dog."

Elrod C. Leany