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What America Knows
That its journalists don't seem to


As we commemorate the sixth month anniversary of America's latest loss of innocence, the journalists are wringing their hands and asking "How long will this war go on?" They allow as to how President Bush warned this was going to be a long war, but six whole months? Our friends in journalistic circles pine for the Clinton era foreign policy, which consisted of bombing an aspirin factory and declaring the problem solved.

Well, ladies and gentlemen and others, exclusive to this twisted missive is the answer you've been looking for. When will this war end?


Killing terrorists and vacuuming your living room aren't things you do a thorough job of once and are done. Certain things in life only go one direction. Airplanes were invented and are here to stay. We can't un-invent the gun. Nuclear weapons didn't make an appearance and then leave. We now live in a world where punk vandals can cause horror to millions of people. I'm sorry to break the news, but we always will.

On September 11, 2001, we entered a world where the United States will no longer tolerate the existence of terrorists on its planet. People walk the globe who wish America ill and are willing to do heinous things to demonstrate that. My best guess is that they always will. And as long as they do, we will hunt them down and kill them.

As in any war, there will be periods of lull in battles. But make no mistake, the war will never end. In fact, it may be more than a war. It may be the final battle in a war against good and evil that has been raging since Cain murdered his brother.

Frank Leany

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