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Lowering the Bar

"I do have core values!" he yelled with red face,
Although it is easy to see
How one might conclude that it isn't the case
Since he flips and he flops constantly.

And so it's reasonable that you have thought
'Where are his values so core?
What does he say he believes that he's not
Changed twice or three times or more?'

To make his droll claims have any sense at all
Remember he signed ADA
His first day in office and claims the whole ball
Of wax though it wasn't his say.

And keeping in mind his ludicrous claims
That ADA was his own baby
And couple that with the all his scandals and dames
And you'll find the answer there maybe.

Because he defends his actions by saying
"It isn't so bad just because it
Is only a game that everyone's playing;
Everyone else always does it.

"You can't expect mere mortals to be
Strong enough not to be naughty.
Everyone's bad, so don't you blame me
For not having control of my body."

They say what he's doing is lowering the bar
By using this flimsy defense.
In light of ADA his actions are
Now starting to make some small sense

Although it may seem like he's trying to take
The whole constitution and toss it.
He's lowering the bar that much just to make
It so low a wheelchair can cross it.

Frank Leany

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