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Zen and the Art of Chainsaw Maintenance

Once long ago, when I was a lad
I needed some money and needed it bad
I picked up an ax and headed to the hills
And began cutting firewood to help pay the bills.

I found that my efforts could make me some dough
So I started to making my new business grow.
I thought and I figured of some better way
To cut me more firewood during a day.

I saved up the money I'd earned 'til one day
I had enough saved that I could go pay
Cash for a chainsaw. I headed to town
Walked into the hardware store, laid my cash down.

The man at the counter assured me that I
Could cut twice as much wood if I'd only buy
The chainsaw he showed me. That sounded so good
I bought it that day and went to cut wood.

I cut all day long and then when I was done
Stacked all the firewood and counted it for fun
But to my dismay and my utter surprise
Had only four cords. I couldn't believe my eyes.

With my old ax I could cut me three cords
And four is a few more, but not gobs and hoards.
The next day I started out earlier, of course,
And worked all day long and cut four and three fourths.

Now I was angry and mad and confused
I figured that salesman had gone and abused
The trust that I'd put in him, so I went to town
Stormed into the store, slammed that chainsaw down.

"This chainsaw you sold me is nothing but trash
I want my dough back and I want it in cash.
You told me I'd double my output but I
Can't get more than five cords no matter how I try."

"Let's see," said the salesman and looked at the chain
Then felt the sharp edges and then winced with pain
He pulled on the handle and a noise filled the store.
"What's that racket?" I shouted above all the roar.

The moral of this story, in case you were asking,
Has something to do with accomplishing tasking.
If ever you find things don't work working harder
Consider if you could be working a bit smarter.

Frank Leany

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