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Who's shredding the Constitution?
The point of the Rosie/Bill Maher post was obvious. The demorats are always really quick to say . . .

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Latest Blog (continued)

Who's shredding the Constitution?

The point of the Rosie/Bill Maher post was obvious. The Democrats are always really quick to say that Bush shredded the Constitution. They're a little shaky on the details, but they love screaming "Bush shredded the Constitution!"

The people screaming that are the same ones screaming that Obama should seize BP's assets and impose Obamacare on us without any regard to the law.

I know, stop the presses, right? "Democrats are hypocrites! Dog bites man! Read all about it!"

Daily Reading
I know that you, like me, get the daily list of columns from Townhall.com. I know that you, like me, appreciate that they finally got their print friendly version worked out. And I know that you, like me, don't have time to read all of them.

So, because that's just the kind of guy that I am, will hit the tops of the waves for you here. You understand that you get the news and commentary elsewhere. Keep up with McChrystal and BP on your own. Here you get what I feel like talking about and what I have time to comment on.

There was a great line in one column that describes Economics as "common sense made difficult."

This column correctly describes Obama's $20 billion shakedown of BP as the largest political contribution in history.

And a shakedown it was. Can you believe the Republicans? What a pack of wusses. Someone has the nads to call it a shakedown and they cut them off and make him apologize.

Obama thinks he's the king of the world. He's never run anything and he figures now he points his finger and the elements obey his word. Shows you what a tinhorn the guy is.

Government is powerful, I guess, but business runs the world. When business gives government the finger look out. Teddy Roosevelt was amazed that the railroads didn't lick his boots because he was President. They listened to what he had to say and said they'd think about it and see if it fit into their plans. The reason India is a civilization is because the East India Company needed a stable place to do business. Obama thinks he can tax us into third world status, but if Business will figure out a way around him if it's more advantageous than bribing him then taking advantage of him. The man's a punk. He has no clue.

This article says that Obama now owns this command—God help us all. (Just hit cancel in the print dialog box if you don't want to print the article. The printable format is much easier to read.)

One writer makes the point that McChrystal admitting to voting for Obama. Who wants a general with judgment as piss poor as that?

Another column makes an excellent point about something called ODD (Organizational Dis-something Disorder, basically being a jerk). If everything is a malady where is the good and evil? If you aren't free to decide, you've lost what makes you human. Kind of like a Hugh Nibley speech I heard once.



Here is an excellent article by Michael Barone where he explains property rights and how that relates to the demorats' agenda and the American system.

And finally, here is a female condom with teeth to prevent rape. I'm not kidding. I personally advocate the .45 caliber approach to the problem, but this one is interesting.

How to deal with a hostage taker
Our police could take a lesson from the Spanish. A hostage taker demands a motorcycle and a clear getaway? Sure, buddy, here you go.

Not so fast there, Buster
Obama doesn't understand how America works. In his Trashcanistan/Chicago mobster background the warlord or godfather would issue a decree and that's what happened. Obama doesn't get that the United States isn't structured that way.

The Chosen One issued a decree that offshore drilling would cease. Yesterday a judge said "Yeah, well, you don't get to decide that." Obama's capricious dictatorial move was overruled by someone who didn't get the memo that Obama is the all-powerful ruler.

Obama should not be the President. But he is President. Until we have people with a brain and a spine in Congress the next time he does something worthy of getting him impeached, we have to live with that. But that doesn’t mean we have to go along with his anti-American policies. This is the way it's done. If you can't remove him from office, you just render him meaningless. He can sit in the office, but he can't subvert the system. Figuratively or literally, he has to be handcuffed.

He's the President, he's not the king. Our system was designed precisely to prevent megalomaniac dictators like him from seizing power. It takes the power that is vested in The People and loans it to various elected officials who check and balance each other.

I'm greatly encouraged by the ruling of that judge. There may be hope after all.

Lest You Forget
I think it was Richard Dreyfuss who was doing surveillance in a movie (not Stakeout) and someone looked over at him. He immediately stuck a finger in his nose. Why? To make the person look away. That's how he maintained his cover. People don't want to look at ugly things.

But it's important that we examine this, even if it's ugly. America is in deep yogurt. It's critical to understand what's going on if we have any hope of fixing it.

Obama is not someone that America would have picked its leader. But he's the leader. You know how that happened, whether you want to talk about it or not.

This is like not identifying our enemy as Islamic extremists. How in the Utah are you ever going to fight an enemy you are afraid to even name? When you bring religion into it, it gets dicey. We cherish the freedom of all people to exercise their particular religious beliefs without interference. That's how our enemies have been able to get the advantage. "You can't oppose us, you'd be violating your own sacred ideals about religion!"

So let's talk (again) about something ugly.

Race is same sort of dicey thing we'd rather not bring up. Racism is ugly. Judging a person based on the color of his skin is beneath thinking and feeling human beings. We'd just as soon not get into it. If it comes up we'd prefer to dismiss it as quickly as possible.

That's how our other enemies have been able to sneak one past us.

Obama is black. No, no, it's true. You might have read about it in the papers. He is black. He's also evil. He's a waste of skin and he's horrendously unsuited to run America at any time. He's criminally unsuited to run it during this critical time.

In case you didn't do so well in Boolean Algebra, let me spell it out. I just called a black man a waste of skin.

That makes me sound pretty bad, doesn't it? I hate* a black man. If you say I'm racist because I hate a black man, you are saying that because Obama is black, he can't be a bad person. You are saying that you can tell a person's character by the color of his skin.

Who is the racist, now?

We've been had. That's the thing to take away from this. The liberals/socialists/progressives—pick your name for who's trying to screw up America—have managed to install someone who can destroy America and we can't oppose him. We've been slipped a Manchurian candidate.

Again, Obama is not someone that America would have picked to lead her. In fact, Obama is the person the enemies of America would have chosen. And they got Americans to choose him.

Here's the point—and only a dozen paragraphs into the post! The purpose of this little exercise is the same as watching the other team's game tapes. Obama's useful idiots will call us racists. We can't let that deter us from opposing this guy. He has to be stopped. And we can't be afraid of being called names while we do it.

*I know, I know. Hate is not Christian. I love all human beings, (even the ones I hate?). Hate isn't the opposite of love, indifference is. If I hate a thing it means that thing matters to me. Hate hurts the person that feels it, not the person it's directed towards. I know, I know.

But it's a simple word and it packs a punch. It says what I want in one word that fits nicely into a sentence. So pick a word you like better. Pick a word for how I feel about someone who is very efficiently destroying something I love. Just don't let it screw up the flow of my flawless prose.

It's 1915. You're walking around your college campus and bump into a friend. "Hey," Friend says, "Have you heard about this socialism thing?" No, you tell him, you haven't. So he explains it to you.

It sounds like a pretty good deal. In socialism everyone's equal; everyone gets what they need. In 1915 it looks like a system Jesus would have approved of.

Fast forward to today. Today the theory of socialism has been tested and it does exactly the opposite of its stated goal. In actual practice it gives a few people the opportunity to be lords over the rest. Wherever it's been implemented it creates inequality.

That brings us to the point of this post (and only four paragraphs later!). If I have ever referred to the "democratic" party please show me where and I will correct it immediately. The party of democrats is the furthest thing from democracy you'll ever get. They sell the masses on the idea that their voice is important so they can get the power to squelch those voices.

Recap: Democrats are scared to death of democracy.

Case in point: Bill Maher.

He's talking about passing health care. "You know, they're talking about 60 votes they need. Forget this stuff. You can't get Americans to agree on anything. "

First of all, you understand how democracy works. Hell, a fencepost understands better than this syphilis-infected moron how democracy works. (Although where he contracted an STD is a mystery to me. I didn't know there were that many blind hookers in the whole country.)

Freedom and equality means you have dissent. If you have consensus that means you have dominance. You've heard me flap my gums about this before. Hugo Chavez didn't get 96% of the vote because the voters were free to choose. Parents don't seek consensus with their children when they set a curfew. Americans disagree because Americans are free and equal.

Bill Maher doesn't have the first clue about democracy.

Maher continues. "Sixty-percent? Sixty-percent of people don't believe in evolution in this country. He just needs to drag them to it. Like I just said, they're stupid. Just drag them to this. Get health care done, you know, with or without them . . . This Max Baucus guy - he needs to wake up tomorrow with an intern's head in his bed."

There's your democratic approach.

Or there's always the lovely and talented Miss Rosie O'Donnell. She has the oil spill thing figured out.

"Seize their assets!" she screams. "Seize their assets. Take over the country!" (I'm quite sure she means company. Forgive her. With the miles and miles her blood has to navigate, not a lot of it makes it to her brain.)

Read more here.

Then, just in case you want your head to explode, read this exchange between a couple of "democrats."

MORTON: . . . but wouldn't you just love to have the federal government—and I know people talk about big government and all the rest of it, it's just nonsense—I'd love to have the federal government take over the oil companies, use the money to give our children free education, and then in the future we can educate our children to start doing things like solar power, wind power—

O'DONNELL: Exactly . . . James Carville said the best thing. He said Obama needs to come down here and tell BP, "I'm your daddy, I am takin' it over," but they haven't been able to do it.

Then I thought, wait a minute , it's not fair to judge a whole group by the lunatic fringes. Rosie O'Donnell, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and, increasingly, Chris Matthews are the radical lunatic fringe of the liberals. They don't represent the mainstream of the democrat party.

How would I like to be judged by . . . you know, by the things said by . . . you know . . . hmmm. I can't think of anyone on the right that crazy. I'm sure there are some. But not one of them has a national show on radio or television.

You had me at Hell no
You have to give Obama credit. A lot of people, realizing they have the race won, will back off a little bit. Not Obama. Even though he has nailed the position as the worst US President in history, he's not sitting on his laurels. No, sir. He keeps trying to come up with worse and worse policy.

Obama needs to hear the story about the two campers who came upon a bear. One camper pulled his running shoes out of his pack and began putting them on. The other said "You can't possibly think you're going to outrun that bear." The first camper said "I don't have to. I just have to outrun you."

Obama has outrun them all. He's left the competitors in the dust, and where talking about competition that includes Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton (pardon my language).

I guess what I'm talking about today is his complete nincompoopedness with the military. But if you're reading this at a time when the McChrystal tempest is forgotten pick whatever incredibly stupid thing Obama did yesterday. When we start to give medals to our soldiers for not firing their weapons you know that "not clear on the concept" has reached a whole new level.

Look, I understand about average. The whole definition means that half of the people are below average. It's all right to be mediocre when you're Warren G. Harding and the country's not facing anything critical. But when you're James Buchanan and the country's on the verge of war, you need to step up. Right now we need an actual American President, instead of that waste of skin we've got now.

It is a dark cloud indeed that doesn't have a silver lining. Even as the country suffers from who they've chosen at this critical time, Bush's legacy benefits. If you're a liberal you've got to be pissed. You worked so hard for so many years trying to paint Bush as a bad President. Then Obama comes along and makes Bush look like the greatest leader that ever breathed by comparison.

This is rich
Limbaugh calls the Obama regime a regime. That really irritates the left. They get all self-righteous and indignant. "Why I never! Who ever heard such talk?"

Chris Matthews was being the righteously indignant drama queen. "I've never seen such talk—I can't imagine anyone referring to a US administration as a regime. That's really classless, taking the level of the debate to new lows. I can't imagine a human being ever stooping to such awful . . . blah blah blah blah."

You know how this ends. The same Chris Matthews who has to take medication for the vapors he gets because someone refers to the Obama as a regime referred to the Bush administration as a regime.

Read the article. It's like everyone on the left is tripping over each other trying to be the biggest idiot. What they're trying to do, obviously, is just shut down any dissenting views.

During a television talk show discussion on tea parties and talk radio, Time's Joe Klein showcased his crack investigative prowess when reflecting upon what he wrote on a napkin.

"I did a little bit of research just before the show on this little napkin here," Klein told host Chris Matthews and fellow panelists. "I looked up the definition of 'sedition,' which is conduct and language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. And a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like Glenn Beck and, to a certain extent, Sarah Palin, rub right next—right up close to being seditious."

Fellow panelist John Heilemann of New York Magazine was quick to concur.

"You know, Joe is right, and I will name another person here, his name is Rush Limbaugh, you know, who uses this phrase, talks about the Obama administration as a 'regime,'" Heilemann said. "That phrase which has connotations of tyranny."

A somber-faced Matthews—who used to refer to the George W. Bush "regime"—nodded compliantly expressing his grave concern.

You heard it here first
This morning Laura Ingraham was talking about Obama's speech Tuesday night. She said that he reminded her of a little kid that had gotten into Daddy's closet and put on a suit that was way too big for him then decided to try out Daddy's big desk.

Brilliant observation. I couldn't have put it better myself. :o)

I've seen it before
I wish I could do a Vulcan mind meld with you. I want you to get a glimpse of the world through my eyes. First I'd take most of the 80s and put them in a password protected folder that you couldn't access. Then I'd take you down to Mexico and Argentina to see what it's like living in places where the government is corrupt.

I'd walk you through the "villas" (pronounced "vee-jzas") where you'd see incredible poverty--people living in a 10 x 10 shack made of cardboard getting stolen electricity for their lightbulb (if they are fortunate enough to have one) from an extension cord that snakes throughout the acres of slum. I'd have you sit down with families where the father has been out of work for months and the kids go door to door beggging for food.

We'd walk past the Casa Rosada and look at the pock-marked walls from the machine gun fire. In the park there we'd see the mothers of "Los desaparecidos" who disappeared and were never heard from again. We'd chat with people whose loved ones were thrown in prison because they said the wrong things to the wrong people.

Then I'd fast forward to a company lunch room in 2008 when one of your friends from Chile said "I've seen it all before" and then narrated the story of Salvador Allende. You'd hear about a democratically elected charismatic leader who, once he was in office, changed the country. You'd hear that if you were a member of the Party you could keep your position, otherwise you were out of a job. You'd hear about major industries being nationalized and run by people who were cronies of government officials with absolutely no experience.

I really wish I could instill in you the chill of viewing the events unfolding here through the lens of experience in Latin America.

Rescue me!
America is a nation blessed above all other nations. It humbles me to think how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. Call it arrogance, but my arrogance doesn't extend to thinking because it's foreordained it can't get busted. As elegant as our system is, we are not immune to the creeping decline and loss of liberty that has affected every civilization in history. Especially when forces exist that actively seek that.

I know a guy who is probably facing a divorce. He's a little confused 'cause he says that he got confirmation that she was the right girl for him. Was he mistaken?

Nope. Divine approbation is not a guarantee of success.

A lady in my neighborhood always says "You have to remember, the Lord is in charge." I see what she's saying (I think) but it drives me crazy when she says it. The Lord is not going to save us from our laziness and stupidity.

After World War II there were a lot of Jews who opposed building an Jewish state in Palestine (today's Israel). Read that again. All Jews wanted a Jewish state after WWII. But there was a significant portion of them who opposed efforts to establish it. They said that it was a sin to pursue that, because the Lord was supposed to take care of it. Seriously.

The way I understand one of the ways the Lord looks out for us is to give us a brain.

You know the story about the man in the flood. He was standing on his roof surrounded by water and prayed to be rescued. After awhile a rowboat came by. He told the guy that no, he had faith that the Lord was going to rescue him. The water rose and he was standing on his chimney when a helicopter came by. He waved it away, still having faith that the Lord would rescue him.

After he drowned he stood before the Lord and asked "Why didn't you rescue me?"

The Lord said "I sent a boat and a helicopter!"

The judges will also accept "I sent a boat a a helicopter, you moron!"

Somebody I know voted for Obama knowing full well what a mess he is. (As a religious man he couldn't vote for McCain because he'd heard McCain cheated on his first wife.) This guy's plan is to pray for the Lord to guide Obama. Yeah, good luck with that.

I say "Pray like it all depends on the Lord, then vote like it all depends on you."

My fellow Americans
Mona Charen writes a pretty good article about What Obama should say Tuesday night. It's an excellent rundown of his screw-ups and shortcomings in dealing with the Horizon Deepwater disaster.

It's a universally acknowledged truth that he's royally screwed the handling of this. Having said that, I strongly disagree with Sean Hannity and all the rest who are constantly reciting a litany of all the things he didn't do. It's intellectually dishonest for us to be constantly criticizing the man for intervening in things that are none of his business then asking Why, oh why, doesn't Obama save us?

Drilling for oil and oil spills are like every other topic you can think of: Obama doesn't have the first clue about them. Everything he's done is wrong—looking for whose @xx to kick, looking for who to bring criminal charges against, claiming he's been in charge.

The best thing Obama can do is get the hell out of the way and let the grownups take care of this.

Norman Obamawell Self Portrait

I wonder
This article examines the question we all have: Is Obama the worst president in history?

He compares him to the obvious competitor for the honor, Jimmy the Worthless One Carter. He also looks at others like Warren G. Harding and James Buchanan.

As long as you're reading
And as long as we're examining the damage Obama is doing to America, is he trying to have a nationalized press? That would solve the problem he's always having with this meddlesome thing called democracy.

This article explains how he's trying to move toward that very thing.

By the way, (and you'd think I'd get tired of explaining this) for those of you who are still pissed off about the seventeenth amendment, democracy means doing your government business by the voice of the people. It's a good thing. The way we implement democracy is through a democratic republic. Try not to trip yourself up over that.

Walter Williams (I think) in today's article about economic myths said that George Orwell admonished, "Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious." Andy McCarthy said something about a notion that's so preposterous that to state it is to refute it.

Building a mosque at ground zero is just such a notion.

Double-team that guy
You know I hate Kobe Bryant. The man is insufferable. He's arrogant and he's annoying. He plays dirty then cries like he's being stabbed if anyone gets close to him. He's a crybaby. I won't even mention that he's a rapist.

But the unpardonable sin that Kobe commits is that he scores points against my Jazz. Lots of points. If he were an obnoxious player that was ineffective I wouldn't care about his failings as human being. I wouldn't hate him. I wouldn't even notice him.

Lakers fans love Kobe. They don't care that he's an annoying rapist crybaby. They love him because he's good for their team.

Sarah Palin is good for America. You want evidence? The enemies of America in the press and the demorat party hate her. She is effective at blocking their efforts to change America into their socialist utopia, otherwise they wouldn't give her a second glance. She poses a threat to their attempts to trash my country, that's why they hate her, and that's why I love her.

You know liberals. They're all about tolerance. Peace and love. Flowers in the hair. Kumbaya, my love, and women's rights. Women are not objects. They deserve respect. No means no. Women. Are not. Objects!

Well, unless we're talking about conservative women.

Could someone please explain to me how news stories about what's inside Governor Palin's bra advances the cause of womens' rights? How stupid are these people? No, seriously, give me a number. How many kilodolts does it take to destroy the very platform you're standing on?

Posting about the hypocrisy of demorats is like stopping the presses for the "Water is Wet!" headline. If demorats had to play by the same rules as Republicans they would be keeping the Dodo Bird company in extinctville. But watching their hypocrisy is like hitting your finger with a hammer. No matter how many times you do it, you just never quite get used to it.

I've posted this before. We were heading out to lunch and I said something about Sarah Palin. My (liberal) friend spouted "What? She's so . . . she's just . . . she's stoooopid!"

Don't blame him. It's an involuntary reaction like a mallet under the kneecap. You stick a spoon down your throat you puke. You mention Palin to a liberal they automatically and involuntary start spouting invectives.

I told him to be careful what he said about the woman I loved and we laughed and went on our way, but I could have asked "Stupid compared to whom?"

Sarah Palin is smarter than Hillary Clinton (the woman who didn't know Bill Clinton was cheating on her). She's smarter than Janeane Garofalo, who can't tell the difference between democracy and burning crosses on a black man's lawn. And she's worlds smarter than Barack Obama, who thinks that socialism leads to prosperity.

But you can forgive God's less gifted creatures for their confusion. See, they live in a very simplified, one-dimensional world. They have been conditioned to believe that beautiful women are dumb and their small minds can't accommodate any separation of those parameters.

Their belief has led them to the corollary that ugly women must be smart. That explains how idiots like Rachel Maddow and Janeane Garofalo get any credibility from them.

Holy crap, Helen Thomas must be their Stephen freaking Hawking.

Who does Obama hate?
Along those same lines, you'll probably want to read this article about who Obama really hates. "You can tell a lot about a man by the enemies he makes . . ." So true. So very true. Who has Obama chosen to alienate? Hugo Chavez? Ahmadinejad? The Castro brothers? Nope. He makes enemies of England and Israel.

He won't call terrorists terrorists, but he will call conservative Americans that very thing.

Just read the article already.

As long as you're reading
Dennis Prager makes an excellent point in this article titled If Israel is not Evil the World is in Big Trouble.

Most of nations of the world are arrayed in opposition to Israel. What if Israel's the good guy? That makes almost everyone else in the world the bad guy. If Israel really does have a right to exist then the rest of the world is wrong in thinking they ought to be a good sport and let their neighbors annihilate them.

"Let's hope the world is right," says Prager, because otherwise we've got a serious problem.

And finally
In honor of the post-racial era, where everything has become a racial issue, you could read this article where Walter E. Williams asks Can black Americans afford Obama?" Historically blacks have had to be superior to make inroads into sports. Those pioneers blazed the way for future black athletes.

Today the opposite thing has happened. Because Obama is such a horrible President, he hurts the chances for future blacks to hold the office. You remember me talking about this. People should ignore race when voting. If they didn't ignore race when voting for Obama over a better candidate, they won't ignore it when a good candidate comes on the scene who happens to be black. As Williams said, it may have been soothing for white liberals to relieve themselves of guilt, but it's a problem for future black Americans.

America don't elect leftists like Gore, Kerry, McGovern, Dukakis, etc. But this time you had a big enough group of people who wanted a bumpers sticker that said "My vote made history." That's a problem. The vote became about "Look at me! Look how open-minded I am!" instead of who would make a good president.

Your vote made history twice. Because of the first black President you helped elect you also ensured he'd be the last black President.

Anyone who stood beside me in support of Alan Keyes in 1996 may comment about my racism. Otherwise the ploy is pretty transparent. If "racist," which generations fought to be the ugly label that it should be, has been reduced to "One who stands up against tyrants," count me as proud to be a new racist.

Of Nude English Teachers
I throw up a little bit in my mouth to say this, but the liberals were right. America is not ready for a Black president.

Actually I guess it's not America that's not ready for a Black president. It's the liberals. It's like I've said before: I agree with the liberals on a lot of things. Liberals should pay more taxes. Liberals should take drastic measures to avoid reproducing. Liberals should not own guns. And liberals are not ready for a black president.

Let me walk you through how I was brought to this epiphany. It all came about from Obama's "Whose ass to kick" statement. I don't have to tell you the score here; as a Leany on Life reader you are already way ahead of the average thinker. You understand: His carefully thought out tough talk on a national stage wasn't offensive, it was just silly. It wasn't presidential and it didn't make him sound tough, especially since he's proven that he couldn't win a fair fight with a bagel even if you strapped the bagel down.

So yeah, it's news when the President consciously chooses to openly use profanity. But the real idiocy of the statement is what he said, not the words he used. Get rid of the words he used. Phrase it this way: "I'm going to go down there and figure out who to blame for this. That'll fix it."

What a buffoon. You would have to search a long time to find a human being more completely unsuited for the office of The Presidency.

That's the deal. That's what the chatter is about . . . well, to people to with a brain. I was transported to a completely foreign dimension when I read David Limbaugh's article about the State-controlled Media's reaction to the incident.

The whole thing is racial? How do they think up this stuff? The word "ass" is offensive to racist white people because it conjures up images of street homies? Honestly, I could have thought for days and written for hours on the topic and never, ever even come within the same time zone as that angle. Frankly I'm embarrassed that I'm still so incapable of predicting the thought patterns of evil people.

So the liberals are right. They are not ready for a black president. When every single thing that he does is masked by race, it circumvents the entire political process.

Think of it this way: If Pamela Anderson were your teacher—and she came to school naked—how much would you learn about grammar?

It's a distraction. Pure and simple, Obama's race is a distraction.

The liberals' obsession with race wrecks the open political process. Even if he weren't a completely worthless waste of skin like Obama, just being black is a distraction the liberals can't get over. It makes any open discussion of the man's policies impossible.

Read this article, too
If you're looking for a good take on the "whose @xx to kick" incident, Jonah Goldberg does a great job as usual.

Relief valves
Back in the Old South the slaves had it pretty rough. They were treated like property, and not even valued property. They were separated from their families and worked like draft animals. They had no say in their life. They were beaten, they were sold, they were under the complete control of the plantation owner.

Almost complete control. At night after the work was done they could sit down and sing. I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, because I'm not a registered democrat, but that's where Negro spirituals come from. That was their way of venting. They did that because that's what they could do.

I have to think that people in any situation where they lose a measure of control invent some kid of way to vent. I'm just wondering, what if someone in a situation in office politics were to write (fictitious) little stories just 'cause that's all he could do? I'm just speculating here, of course, but I would guess that the same way slaves sang Negro spirituals an opressed office worker might invent stuff, too.

Apropos of nothing, the word on the street is that Teknolix is being updated a little here and there.

Kissing up to the boss
It was only a matter of time before Biden tried to curry favor in his own charming way . . .

Last weekend we washed my son's car. I pulled out the ol' car cleaning/waxing tote from a forgotten shelf in the shop. This tote has tire foam, various waxing compounds, cleaning compounds, concentrated car wash solution . . . everything you need to keep a car clean and shiny.

The reason you find that so fascinating is because it also had a SonofaGun cleaner spray bottle with "Windex" written on it in Sharpie marker. Years ago I went to the trouble of cleaning out an empty SonofaGun spray bottle and filling it with Windex(TM).

I have a hard time discarding something that might turn out to be useful.

That's the reason that I keep regaling you with (imaginary) tales of (fictitious) engineers on foreign business trips. I go to all the trouble of thinking up this material (completely from my own imagination without any reference whatsoever to any real people who may be my co-workers) and I can't just toss it out. It's not that the material is particularly good or that I'm obsessed with the subject matter. It's just my OCD.

Take that as a preface or an apology. Either way, we're going to continue with our little (fictitious) political novel.

Lord of the Lies
To accurately represent Obama, our character has to always be talking, just to talk, regardless of whether it's his place to comment or whether he has anything useful to add to the discussion. In the case of Obama it could be—heck, pick your event—something like the statement about BP and how he was all over it (35 days after it happened). He was babbling about "Okay, let's say you have 17 nations that have offered help. And maybe you need 6 of them. But maybe you might need 12 of them later on. But then 4 of them might blah blah-blah bladeebla-blah blah blah blah blah." Just will not stop talking.

To illustrate Obama's incompetence—late on the BP oil spill, absent on the underwear and Times Square bomber—and the way he is late for everything (an unprofessionalism you'd never put up with in an employee much less in a President) we're going to make our (make-believe) character chronically late. On our little (make-believe) trip abroad we're going to have his group waiting outside the hotel, sitting in the taxi at 8:30 (the time agreed on by the entire group) and waiting for him. Then, at about 8:43 someone will go in and call up Todd's room. Todd's first reaction (and you'll recognize Obama in this) is to fabricate a ridiculous lie that makes no sense at all. "8:30? I was expecting to get called down at 9:00 o'clock."

9:00 o'clock? Really? The time that the meeting starts at the plant 15 minutes from here?

That has shadows of Obama doing nothing whatsoever about the BP oil spill—his Katrina—then getting up (more than a month later) and saying "Make no mistake—I have been in charge since the beginning!" Like Obama, our shadow character can't even accomplish the most basic of professional skills—making it to a meeting on time. The arrogance is inherent in that. He doesn't care how many people are waiting on him. He's the only one that's important.

The BP oil spill is a great backdrop for something else—arrogance in the face of something you know less than nothing about. Obama's attitude is "Do I have to do everything myself? Look, get out of the way! I'll just swim down there with a dish rag and plug the &%$# hole!" He is beyond completely clueless about the technical difficulties of drilling, much less drilling under 5000 feet of water. But to hear him talk you'd think he invented the industry.

Todd? Same thing. Maybe not quite as bad as Obama. Nobody has less experience at anything than Obama has at everything. But it's a fiction novel. It can't be perfect. We'll just have Todd get lost trying to drive around a strange town after being repeatedly warned that he should just travel with the rest of the group.

We already chatted about the way that to Obama everything's about him. The environmental disaster from the oil spill was nothing compared to the potential damage to Obama's credibility. To hear him talk you'd forget there had even been an oil spill. It was just another reading from a script about how great he is. To shadow that we had our (fictitious) Todd character always butting in, answering every statement with a statement about himself.

But we've got to make Todd tell whoppers, too. That's to illustrate Obama's tendency to make stuff up on the fly, like no one in his audience knows that what he's saying is a ridiculous lie. "We are going to fix the economy by socializing medicine!"

In Todd's case, maybe we'll have him say something like "Our downhole hammer is so effective it tore the rig apart. It LIT-rally . . . it actually . . . we actually had to build a new rig! It actually destroyed the rig, so we had to build a new one."

The guys from his group are looking at each other. Uh, hmmm, I wonder where we actually keep this rig we built, 'cause we've never seen it. Wait, maybe it's in the new building we built for the graphite since Todd explained that we actually built a completely separate new building to process our graphite . . . and we have no idea where that building is, either.

So far our story has been about a character who's just obnoxious. So he's arrogant. So he's a huge bore, always talking about himself. Obama is, without a doubt, an annoying little twerp.

But he's also constantly lying. Now we're moving from personally annoying to professionally damaging.

What's Obama's salient political characteristic? That's right, his immunity.

He's a historic figure (or "an" historic figure, if you want to sound pretentious, which you do if you voted for the man in the first place). Functionally that translates into "He is incapable of being wrong." By extension, anyone who ever disagrees with him is wrong.

Just for kicks, let's give our (completely imaginary, make-believe, fictitious) character that same characteristic. Without getting into too much psychology, let's have the boss (representing the press—the governing body in a true democracy, since they inform the voters) completely overlook any character flaws Todd might have. He refuses to accept that Todd is capable of any of the damaging behavior that he does—overtly, without any attempt to whitewash his conduct at all.

No, let's go farther than that. Let's have the boss rationalize that any criticism of the man is due to a characteristic the boss recognizes. "Todd has a grating personality. That's why people don't like him. That explains it all." The boss completely dismisses the real reasons people don't like Todd—that he's constantly stabbing them in the back, taking credit for their contributions, demeaning them, and telling lies about them to the boss. In the boss's mind, Todd's idiosyncrasies are evidence that he's a genius. Geniuses can't be expected to show up to work or meetings on time. That's for faceless pawns with no creativity. Geniuses are hard to work with. That's all.

Now we're getting somewhere. Now we've got an interesting character and an intriguing dynamic. Isn't fiction fun?

The Chronicles of Yarnia
That moves us into the playground bully area. The teacher looks over to see the little kid crying on the playground. "Wah! He hit me. Why did he hit me? Why is he so mean?"

The teacher missed the five minutes leading up to the event, when the kid who is pretending to cry was poking the other kid with a pencil and making fun of his shoes and haircut and saying disgusting things about his sister. You know, the Kobe Bryant/Barack Obama trick.

Todd will be a master at that. He will be actively trying to undermine the career of anyone whose nose isn't surgically attached to his backside. But he isn't openly antagonistic when people whose opinion he cares about are watching. If you are a new guy walking into a meeting you will be confused. "Wow. I wonder why everyone is so cold to that really charming guy with all the answers? It doesn't make any sense."

Let's just come up with a (completely fabricated) make believe scenario, just as a literary exercise to play around with this character that we've created (from our imagination, without any reference to anyone we know).

Let's have some people in the plant working on a Sizing tool for a downhole BHA. Let's have the guy leading the project be a world-recognized leader in Sizing tools, and the engineer doing the design a very capable engineer who everyone really likes. We'll just call him Nelson, you know, just to hang a handle on the guy. Todd has no interest in this project. He can't see the payout in it. He's content to let that group work on it and leave him to collect his bonuses on other projects.

The engineer goes out of his way to include Todd in the process. But Todd is usually too busy to deal with the guy. When he does meet with him, outside the view of the boss, Todd will be snotty and condescending.

Then, just for kicks, let's have a big, international company express interest in the Sizing tool. By the merest of coincidences Todd becomes interested in the project at the very same time. He calls a design review to go over the tool.

In the review Todd says that the tool isn't ready to go to design. He is unable to come up with a reason. "Oh, there are a lot of things," he says. Like what? "Well, just a lot of things." Well, can you give one? "Well, I just have this gut feeling that it's not ready."

Todd will then tell the boss that Nelson refused to seek his help or even to talk to him when he offered to help. He'll tell the boss that Nelson did all the work completely rogue, and he's not a qualified engineer and that Todd bent over backwards to get him to work with him and was an absolute model of graciousness. He'll say that the nicer Todd was the nastier Nelson got.

Of course that's exactly the opposite of what happened, but Nelson doesn't know that's what Todd's telling the boss. The boss, in his twisted reasoning, will figure it must be true since Nelson hasn't refuted it.

Todd will tell the boss that he was suddenly presented with this design right out of the blue. He'd never seen it before or been allowed to have any input on it. In the review, he says, he was shocked and appalled and dismayed (and seven other horrible awful nasty things) to discover that the design (which he had never been allowed to see) had several obvious failure points. Todd didn't mention that he was unable to identify any of those points, but did say that Laura and Nelson vetoed his input and said it would be fine, and Laura figures she can move things out of Engineering without his approval.

A second design review is scheduled for the next day. The boss is invited to this one and in this one Todd steps up to the model of the tool being displayed on the screen of the conference room and points out in great detail a horrible flaw that's a serious violation of engineering and industry standards and probably against the law in most civilized countries. He has numbers and big words and the boss is very impressed. It barely sounds rehearsed at all.

Ten days later Clint and Laura are fired. Two weeks after that Nelson is fired.

I mean, that's the way I'd put together the (fictitious) story if I were making it up.

More of this (fictitious) storyline can be found in earlier blogs

Speaking of fiction
Here is an interesting story about Barack Obama's book deal. It claims that he took the advance money then never wrote the book. When they asked for it back he said he'd already spent it. Then he pleaded poverty. When he did deliver the book later, this guy claims, it was ghost written. I think this guy says that Bill Ayers wrote it.

Even though that behavior is consistent with what I've observed about the man, I'm not sure that it's entirely accurate. This article tells the same story about Obama and the book business. It has the utmost credibility. It disputes some of the facts of the other, but paints the same picture of someone unethical.

Blame it on Edwards
Here's an interesting article on some very compelling reasons to Blame it on John Edwards. The "it" is the economic woes we are experiencing. He talks about Edwards' two Americas and how it creates the impression that government has to step in to balance things. Just read it.

Gore is getting divorced
Don't care.

Today's reading
It's Thursday, so obviously you've already read Ann Coulter's column. When I saw the title I was afraid that she was going to use (as she often does) the line that I'd thought up but not yet posted. It was about Obama's that his daughter came in while he was shaving and asked him "Have you plugged the hole yet, Daddy?" I was going to suggest that if you're going to make up cute little stories about stuff you should try not to make them creepy. That's all we need is another Amy Carter administration.

In addition you'll want to read this column about the lies the media are telling about the "peace flotilla" deal. My favorite line was "As the news titans have continued to disregard the truth, the general public has likewise decided to disregard them."

Then there's this excellent article about Obama's Chicago political sewer governing style.

Oops. I'm in charge now.
Perhaps you're familiar with the psychological phenomenon of "projection." The immediate reaction the administration had to the Times Square bomber was that he was an amateur. Pure projection. There's no better way to describe this Keystone Cops administration than "amateur."

Let me get this straight. The terrorists were attacking us because Bush invaded their countries. They were justified and Bush was evil.

But a bomb shows up in Times Square and that has to be an out-of-control tea partier who is making a statement about Obamacare, So the Muslim bomber is justified at being pissed off at the evil Bush, but in the case of the tea partier, he's evil, not justified in being pissed off about Obama?

As it turns out, it was actually an evil Muslim who was pissed off at Obama. Oh my, what a dilemma for the liberals. On the one hand he's a Muslim terrorist, so he's a good guy. But on the other hand he's upset with the Chosen One, so he's a . . . it's so confusing.

The reason the guy wanted to blow up innocent people is that he was mad at Obama for flying drones in Pakistan. I'm not sure how that translates into the tea partiers who oppose Obama care being evil, but it brings up an interesting situation. What? Obama is flying drones against our enemies in foreign countries? Isn't that the same thing he was (and still is) bashing Bush for?

It's pretty easy to criticize the person in charge. When I was twelve years old I was complaining about the Deacons quorum president. My mom warned me about that, cautioning that they might put me in charge. Sure enough, they made me president of the Deacons quorum.

At age twelve I was a lot more mature than Obama is now, so maybe it's not a fair comparison. But I was reminded of that while reading this article about Obama's oily politics and the oil spill. Obama's complaining about how nobody's doing anything about this. The author says "Someone ought to tell him he's the president now."

That's the danger. Talk is cheap, but what do you do when you have to put your money where your mouth is? Now that Obama's president he has to do most the of the same things he was bashing Bush about. It's becoming a hard case to make that terrorists who oppose Bush were justified but the same terrorists should worship Obama even though he's doing the same thing to them.

Who's in charge here?
Another point the author makes is that Obama was anxious to distance himself from Birnbaum's resignation, saying he had found out about it after everyone else in the country knew. He hadn't had chance to find out what the circumstances were. "That was just after he'd got through explaining yet again how on top of things he's been."

World's biggest idiot
(from ancient history)
You remember when Nidal Hassan, the Muslim terrorist, attacked Fort Hood. Obama said "Don’t jump to conclusions." Those were the words. If you examine his intent you'll find that the actual mandate is "It's fine to jump to conclusions, just not conclusions that involve Muslims terrorists."

In that spirit, Mayor Bloomberg (Idiot, NY) figured it all out. The bomb in Times Square was left by someone who was pissed off about Obamacare. It had to be. It had to be some white male, certainly a Christian, who didn't like Obamacare because the President is black. That was the only explanation that made sense.

Imagine our shock when it turned out Bloomberg was wrong. How could we have possibly guessed that the bomb had been placed by a Muslim terrorist, just like almost every single other bomb in memory?

Liberals all across the country were sorely disappointed that the bomber wasn't a white male.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. We are surrounded by insane people. Complete idiots. It's always been that way, but the difference is that now they are the ones holding offices of leadership.

You see this. You get it. Bloomberg is saying the same thing that Obama, Clinton (pardon my language) and others are saying. If you oppose anything Obama does you are a terrorist. You are marginalized. You are not worthy of participating in the debate.

From the More Recent History department
The recent flap over the "humanitarian aid" terrorist flotilla is an excellent illustration of two concepts we've been discussing recently. Hamas and other groups dedicated to destroying peace in the Middle East orchestrated a violation of the blockade and an assault on Israeli soldiers to provoke the IDF to violence. This was to generate headlines about how evil Israel is.

The two points are 1) the Clintonian trick of getting your spin on the story out there first, and 2) the playground bully who gets the teacher's attention as soon as his victim reacts.

You know about the polarity change in mammal eggs that prevent them from being fertilized more than once. As soon as the first swimmer hits the egg, a change takes place in the membrane. All the other little swimmers that come knocking (uh . . . so to speak) are told that sorry, the vacancy's been filled. You remember what you heard first. If you heard the Elvis version of Blue Suede Shoes first, that's the one you like. When you hear the Carl Perkins version you think it's not the original, even though it was recorded first.

This is the trick our (imaginary) character uses in meetings when he pipes up with answers he doesn't know. The boss is left with the impression that he's the smart one, even though that answer is wrong. And when our (fictitious) character spends a good deal of time in the boss's office telling his side of the story, the boss won't listen to any other narratives. His membrane has been sealed. In fact, other narratives are wrong and indicate that the person telling them is evil or stupid or both.

The terrorist organizations get their headlines that 10 of their people were killed. They consider that a victory. If they cared about human life they wouldn't be terrorists. When the truth comes out about what happened it doesn't matter. The headline has already been implanted in the minds of their targets.

Then there's the bully who keeps picking and prodding and needling the kid on the playground. As soon as the victim has had enough and shoves the bully, he gets the teacher's attention. "Wah! I just can't understand why someone would be so mean to me." You see it in Kobe Bryant. He can play dirty with the dirtiest of the NBA players. But as soon as someone from the other team gets in the same ZIP code as him, it's time to act innocent and indignant. "Omigosh, did you see that? Oh, my word, I can't believe how malicious some people can be."

But the absolute master black belt of that technique is Hamas and their Palestinian buddies. They bomb schools and neighborhoods in Israel and Israel takes it and takes it and takes it. When Israel finally has had enough and lobs a shell at their gun emplacements (which they hide by schools and hospitals) the Palestinians call in the press to show how picked on they are.

Some more More Recent History
You probably heard about the clueless gold-digger who is suing Google because she got hit while following Google maps. Then there's the judge who is allowing a lawsuit to go forward filed by a stupid wench who is suing Bacardi because she got burned when a bartender poured rum on a bar and lit it on fire.

There's no mystery here. The driver of the car and the bartender don't have as much money as the entities getting sued. People are always anxious to steal money from somebody with a lot of it rather than take personal responsibility. Doesn't the Bible say something like "The complete freaking idiots will be with us always"?

The story here is that the lawsuits are going forward. It's a harbinger of doom that there is one judge in the entire world who didn't slam down the gavel and say "Get out of my courtroom and if you ever return I will have you both shot on the spot" before the shyster finished his first sentence.

Read this article
Somebody said what I was trying to say about Obama and his Kobe Bryantesque habit of being the most vicious dog in the kennel then crying foul and woe be me and I'm innocent and I can't believe how mean people can be. Read this excellent article called Civility for thee, but not for me. He outlines a few of Obama's many breeches of civility and underscores the audacity of a man of that sort lecturing anyone on civil discourse.

Obama's letter to Felipe Calderon
It seems the President of Mexico came up here to bash the United States on our own soil. Obama stood serenely by. I guess when your wife is covered with bruises from you beating her, you're less anxious to stand up to the homelss bum on the street who's calling her an ignorant, slutty pile of garbage.

But if we did have a real President looking out for our interests, here is a letter he might have written in response to Felipe Calderon.

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