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July 2009

I didn't see a thing, Officer
What a stinkfest Obama created over professor Gates' arrest for being a jerk. Gates gets his fifteen minutes, we get another example that Obama is a racist, liberals get another chance to scream about . . . . geez, whatever it is they're screaming about . . . who listens to those whack jobs, anyway? People who still pay any attention to the media get some more tawdry entertainment.

The thing didn't turn into a mess until Obama tried to politicize it. It started out as a 911 call from a concerned citizen . . .

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Latest Blog (continued)

I didn't see a thing, Officer

What a stinkfest Obama created over professor Gates' arrest for being a jerk. Gates gets his fifteen minutes, we get another example that Obama is a racist, liberals get another chance to scream about . . . . geez, whatever it is they're screaming about . . . who listens to those whack jobs, anyway? People who still pay any attention to the media get some more tawdry entertainment.

The thing didn't turn into a mess until Obama tried to politicize it. It started out as a 911 call from a concerned citizen.

The state-controlled media (HT RL) reported that Lucia Whalen called 911 to report "two black guys" were breaking into a house. That report was a lie. You knew that the second you heard them report it. Who calls 911 and says "two black guys are . . . " doing anything? News flash: The press lies.

So this poor gal got hammered by the liberal media and by morons who believe the liberal media. She went through hell for doing her civic duty.

After all the crap-storm blows over, the take-away from this whole debacle will be "Don't you dare try to prevent a crime unless you want to be drug through the mud by the media."

That's it. When everything has calmed down and everyone has had their camera time, the only thing that will be changed is how willing you are to dial 911 to thwart a crime in progress. Who wants the crap you're going to get if you stick your nose into protecting someone else's property? No way. I'm not dialling 911. Let the guy's house get robbed so the media doesn't terrorize my family.

This whole debacle is a perfect encapsulation of what's going on in America right now. See, human behavior is controlled by that sort of stimulus-response. We avoid things that experience has shown to be painful. Anyone who has ever called tech support can explain it to you.

People with small minds and low morals use this to their advantage.

Joe the Plumber (did you realize that his real name isn't Joe? Gasp!) had the gall to ask The Chosen One a question? Well, we'll show him. We'll send a clear message to anyone who's considering such treason against the Savior. We'll just trash him in the press to prevent future uprisings from the peasantry.

That's how this works. That's the tool these people use. Read Shelby Steele's excellent article on the power of public shaming. No laws have to get violated. The congress doesn't enact any law curtailing your right to free speech. But you get the message that "Hey, I don't need that crap, I'm keeping my mouth shut."

Similarly anyone who dares to oppose Obama's horrible, country-destroying policies, is branded as a racist.

A perfect example is what the media tries to do to Rush Limbaugh. They are painting him as a racist. Their proof? Because they say so. Because they say Limbaugh has "really suspect racial feelings and perceptions." That's their proof.

You really have to read this article. It's astonishing on a variety of levels. First, you can always tell what liberals are guilty of, because that's what they're going to be accusing you of.

"There's a clear case of projection here, w-where these guys -- with really suspect racial feelings and perceptions -- are projecting their own hate and their own divisiveness onto a president
Then Joan Walsh (whoever that is) says "Obama got to where he was, in my opinion, largely because he makes white people feel like he knows we're all trying really hard and we really like it when black people make us feel that way."

Sorry, I should have warned you to wrap your head with duct tape to keep it from exploding. Can you believe that a human being said that? Obama makes white people fee like he know we're all trying really hard and we really like it when black people make us feel that way." Really. Tell me who's projecting here.

Then you have the fact that Limbaugh predicted this whole thing a year and a half ago. He knew. He's seen these people operate enough that he knows what they're going to do before they do.

Anyway, the point is that anyone who dares question Obama is a racist. That's such an ugly thing that the possibility of being accused of it has always been a powerful way to control people's thought and behavior.

Just look at the flack that Glenn Beck is getting for pointing out that Obama is a racist. In the history of crying "racist!" there has never been more evidence that a person is one and there has never been more denial of it by the media. So it's Glenn Beck that's getting Imused on this one. Wait. Historically hasn't the racist been the one to have his career threatened, rather than the one who called him that?

I guess the media destroys who they feel like.

You don't want that. Nobody does. Is it really worth it to stick your neck out like that. That's the message.

The Wall
Okay, I'm hitting it. Marathoners hit a point where their electrolytes run out. I hit a point when I just get too bored to post any more. If you were interested you would have already looked up the information I'm giving you.

So we'll wrap this up.

You've got Joe the Plumber, who dared question Obama about a policy issue. You've got Rush and Glenn, who are apparently being too effective at turning around this train wreck of an administration.

And you've got an unlikely hero in a beauty contestant who had the audacity to express her opinion when it was solicited from her.

It was alarming to watch the public stoning of a young girl for expressing an opinion that didn't conform with the Little Red Book. I guess a woman's right to choose doesn't extend to what she's allowed to think or say. The message they sent was clear: We will smear you, we will call you names, we will invade your privacy and terrorize your family, and we will destroy your career if you dare have a thought that doesn't fit our ideology.

The good news is that it's not working. When a parent starts screaming you know he's lost control. You know he's desperate and he's run out of options. That's where the liberals are. We have the proof in the desperate screeching of a gay beauty pageant judge and that of a clearly insane internet columnist who feels good because Obama thinks white people are trying really, really hard.

The only arrow they have in their quiver is public shaming. And it's broken (I've been reading David Balcacci again—no, I have no idea why—so please forgive me if really stupid metaphors creep into my writing). It's not working any more. People are seeing through Obama and ignoring the accusations of the racists who see him only as a black man.

Thanks to efforts from people you'd expect, like Limbaugh and Beck, and people you wouldn't, like Joe the Plumber and Carrie Prejean, we can see that they can't hurt us.

Limbaugh called it. The same way he perceived the racial war coming clear back in February 2008 he saw through Sotomayor's façade. She is a radical. She is La Raza. But she doesn't have the courage of her convictions. She would love to be Che Guevarra, but she wouldn't love it enough to risk her career. She's a reluctant activist. She wants to be a revolutionary, but she doesn’t have the guts for it. Her utopia would be where La Raza calls the shots and white males are routinely beaten in the streets for being white. But she doesn’t have the guts to risk her career and actually do what she believes in.

Her "wise Latina" remarks and her stance in the Ricci case were illustrative of who she is. In both cases they were very soft-pedaled.

Contrast that to Limbaugh, who has the courage to tell the truth regardless of the beating he's going to get in the press. It was great that he was the one who called that one.

One more example in the mold of Sotomayor: Obama. "Reverend" Wright, Bill Ayers, Peter Singer—these association are representative of the radical ideologies of Obama. But he goes to extreme lengths to cover that up. The reason is clear. If he comes across as Ahmad-de-nutjob he loses his ability to effect the radical agenda that he adheres to.

Sotomayor's strategy worked. Now she's in a position to mold the nation according to her radical ideals.

Documented Right 98.3% of the time
Limbaugh gets it right so often that it stands out when he's wrong.

Right after he nailed it on Sotomayor's character he said "But folks, it's not over yet. This thing is not over until the voting is done."

Oh, bullcrap. There is one thing that could stop Sotomayor from being confirmed: The end of the world. If the planet is still here on the day they vote she will be confirmed. I know, the guy talks for three hours every day. Somewhere or another he's going to trip up on one sentence. But it's just amazing that it would be that one. The second Obama announced her name she was confirmed.

All of this is just a formality and a way for senators to speechify in front of cameras.

Lindsey Graham said it. "She's not the one I would have like to seen nominated, but the President has the right to pick his nominees." That's the way Republicans do it. Republicans are the "democratic" party.

Can you imagine a democrat saying that a Republican president has the right to pick his Supreme Court nominees? Two words: Not gonna'happen.

Last word
That word is "well."

As long as I'm joining the scumbait in the media in bashing on Limbaugh I'll slip it in. Rush was talking about the death of TOTUS (Telepromter Of The United States) and said that things were not well in the White House.

What? The White House is sick? No, things are not good, or they're not going well.

He said it multiple times. The TelePrompTer had been making Obama look bad by feeding him lies which he obediently said. The most bizarre was when TOTUS told Obama to say he's met his wife in class, when it's a matter of public record that they met in the workplace.

So Rush said that things were not well in the White House already. In light of the fact that TOTUS died, he may have been referring to an issue of health, as the word "well" does.

But I suspect it was an "Evingston" moment, where the fact that a word used incorrectly in one structure means it must be incorrect to ever use it at all.

Haste Makes Waste
Tuesday night I was welding up a new saddle rack for the horse trailer when I got a call from my daughter. She was swimming at the pond with her friend and needed me to come pick her up. So I hurried through the job to get it finished.

You know how it turned out. It was lousy. That's what happens when you rush things. I'll probably have to spend more time fixing the darn thing than I spent making it.

It's like my dad used to say: If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Obama's Socialized Health Care that he wants to cram through before August. Obama says "I'm hearing a lot of chatter about whether we're moving too fast on this. Make no mistake. This will happen and I want it to happen by August."

Let me just help you out with this. "Chatter" is debate. Chatter is discussion about this. If you are sworn to uphold the Constitution (including the First Amendment) and you are threatened by "chatter," you may need to re-evaluate a bit.

That's the car dealer trick. If you take your time and think about this decision, you'll make a wise decision. That's very bad for the car dealer who's trying to swindle you.

Yo, Boss
Someone had the gall to ask the Community Organizer in Chief about the details of his Socialized Medicine bill. The caller quoted chapter and verse in the bill where it made private health insurance illegal.

Obama answered "You know, I have to say that I'm not familiar with the provision you're talkin' about."

The giant, glaring point here is that King Hussein didn't even know what was in his big socialized medicine bill. That's no surprise. No one does. No one has read the whole thing. They can't. They intentionally rush these giant things through so fast specifically so we can't know what's in them.

What's gotten all the attention is that Obama looked like an idiot because he didn't know what was in the bill. But masked by that conspicuous blunder, the much more telling event is what came next.

King Hussein said "Let me just speak for the Obama administration . . ." and gave a speech about how his personal vision was that it was going to cover everything and cost nothing and everything your little heart desired he was going to take care of it personally.

Wow. Just trust me. I'll take care of you, don't worry about what's in the bill.

In King Hussein's Somali Warlord/Chicago Gangster world that's way it's done. You have a question about procedure, you go to the godfather and ask: Hey Boss, you want I should whack dis guy?

No. No sir. That's not the way we do business here in America.

You write it down. You write it down very carefully because what you write down is what you're going to follow. It's called The Rule of Law.

It's a little different from Trashcanistan, where Obama grew up, and Gangland Chicago, where he perfected his art. But it's a system that we Americans have been partial to since 1776.

You walk into your local car dealer. You find a car you like. The price is ballpark, the terms are okay. But you're just not quite sure.

Then the salesman says "Oh, and you get free maintenance for life." Free maintenance? "Sure. That's part of the deal. Oil changes, tune ups, alignment, tires . . ." Free tires for life? "Absolutely."

That's the tipping point. Heck yes, you're going to buy the car. What a great deal!

You read the contract. Hey, you know, I'm not seeing anything in writing here about the free maintenance for life.

"Oh? Well, maybe it's not in actual writing. Just trust me. Just sign right there."

Obama's press conference
You know the deal. When you're a celebrity you have to be in the public's face all the time. That's why Hollywood throws an awards show for itself every week or so.

Obama is no different from any of the other self-important pop idols that jet around posing for pictures. Once a week he has to stand in front of the cameras and explain to people how glorious he is and convince us he's relevant.

So when I was travelling and heard on the radio that 1430 KLO was running Obama's press conference live at 6:00 I perked up my ears. What? Obama is having a press conference? Well, I'm certainly glad I found out, because now I know to assiduously avoid tuning in to that radio station after 6:00.

But you can only hear so many commercials about Nate, a technician from Safe-Lite Glass before you break.

Twice I momentarily switched away from a commercial on another station to listen.

The first time King Hussein was saying "So the politics may dictate that they don’t vote for health care reform because they think, you know, it’ll make Obama more vulnerable."

America's health, America's economy. It's all about him. That's all. Galileo was wrong. The Universe revolves around Obama.

The next time I tuned in the Leader of the Free World was injecting himself into a minor local law enforcement issue. It was amazing. I guess he really is the Messiah if, along with "fundamentally transforming" America into a socialist nation, he can tell local municipalities how to run every police callout without "acting stupidly." And all without access to any information about the incident whatsoever!

But Obama, visionary that he is, used the incident as a teaching moment, like he does to edify his poor subjects. His take? America is a racist country. "That's just a fact," he said.

How to talk like Obama
I guess here is as good a place as any to put in my tutorial about how to talk like Obama. It probably deserves more attention than I'm going to give it here, because he's such a fantastic speaker. He has to be, because with all the stumbling and uh, er, uh . . . and uh, and . . . er uh, um, that he does the press keeps telling me what a great speaker he is.

I was informed that the measure of a leader is if he makes you cry when he speaks. By that measure Obama is a great leader. I cry, I scream, I pull my hair out and blood shoots out of my eyes when he speaks.

So with no futher ado, let's get into the meat of the tutorial.

1. Avoid Spontaneity
Don't ever allow anyone to ask you a question you haven't rehearsed the answer to, on a ropeline, for example. That avoids the whole mess of sending the NYT out to smear the guy, by discovering that his real name isn't "Joe," for example. And who needs all the hassle?

Plant every question. Have your staff write up all the questions and answers beforehand, assign ACORN plants to ask them, and you just follow them on the TelePrompTer. No thinking required.

In fact, your best bet is to use a TelePrompTer for everything. That's everything. Don't worry that people are going to doubt the authenticity of the forum if you respond to town hall questions from the TelePrompTer. You are so much smarter than the average mortal. They won't notice.

2. Modulate your voice
Make your voice randomly rise and fall, both in pitch and speed. Imagine Yogi Bear. "Smarter than the average bear, Bobo." Lead into what you want to say slowly: "W e   c a n n o t   w a i t  " pause "a n o t h e r   m i n u t e" then pause for just a little bit too long, then rush into the conclusion: "toimplementsocializedmedicine."
3. Pause often.
Lose your place and stop and think. Rev up. Pause. Fall off. Pause. Even though it sounds like you have no idea what you're going to say next, this will make people think you are waiting for them to catch up.

If you get caught without your TelePrompTer just say "Uh, er, er, um, uh . . .you know, uh, um, er uh" I know it sounds crazy, but the fawning press will portray you as "thoughtful."

Keep a reservoir of filler words you can throw in there that mean nothing but take up space when you can't think of what to say. "Let me make myself perfectly clear." "Make no mistake . . ."

4. Remember you are a god
What you say is, by definition, right. There can be no dissent in your kingdom.

Pepper your speech with things like "It is an indisputable fact," or "What cannot be denied."

Preemptively assert that to disagree with your statement is to deny eternal truth. Anyone who thinks the emperor has no clothes is a moron. "That's just a fact."

Clarification of Definitions
I had a roommate in college who kept a plaque on his desk that said "Be reasonable, do it my way."

Back then it was funny.

When it's coming from the man who dictates national policy it's scary.

Obama is proposing a socialized medicine program that goes against not only Republican principles, but American ones. Then he has the cojones to say about Republicans "I guess all their talk about bipartisanship is just hot air, or they would get on board with this."

I think I get it. We will always be together if I always move to where you are. It's so simple.

It's like the couple driving along in the car with the man driving when the wife said "It's kinda' sad. I remember when we were first married we used to sit right next to each other when we rode in the car." The man looked around then said "I haven't moved."

King Hussein is a community organizer. That's all you need to know about him.

Define what ACORN does. Think about it. In a few words or less, what does ACORN do.

They subvert democracy.

For those of you still pissed off about the 17th Amendment, I'm using "democracy" as doing government by the will of the governed.

ACORN is the absolute anti-thesis of democracy. They rig elections. They force banks to make loans to people who cannot pay them back. ACORN is all about "You WILL do it my way. That's all." ACORN is an organization dedicated to making sure what the majority wants does not ever happen. And Obama and ACORN are two piles of manure out of the same bull's behind.

Obama is a dictator.

Plain and simple, that's what he is. Can you imagine Obama ever saying "You know, this is the way I'd like to do, but the American people have a different idea, so we're going to do it that way."?

Never, ever going to happen ever. Not ever. Never.

Obama's approach is: You WILL do this my way. He will break any rules he has to to get his way. He will villainize anyone who dares question or opposes him.

Bush, a Real Man
You've been good to sit through all this boring text. I guess I should reward you with a video or two.

Here's the one where Bush was in Chile, he went in and the thugs blocked his bodyguard from going in. Bush realized his guy was not there, went back, and took charge of the situation.

Here's an exercise. Try to picture that pantywaist Obama doing this. It can't be done.

Three Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
Bush at work

Reagan at work

Obama at work

When friends complimented Cicero, telling him that he was the greatest orator, he replied somewhat as follows: "Not so, for when I give an oration in the Forum people say, 'How well he speaks!' but when Demosthenes addressed the people they rose and shouted, 'Come, let us up and fight the Macedonians!'"

Let's Take a Break
Well, I guess that's it for today. I'm not halfway through my notes, but if I'm getting bored of this you've got to be ready to hang yourself.

I guess I could eliminate this whole blog and just have a page that says: Democrats are fundamentally evil.

"That's just a fact."

And if that's a fact, what does that make Republicans? Republicans are fundamentally . . . well, gullible.

Media puppets? No!
So Obama's throwing another of his self-serving press conferences and he says "We have time for one more question. Let's see . . ." and he makes of big show of looking all around the room. Hmm, who to pick? Who to pick? "How about you, lady over there that I've never seen before and didn't intentionally plant with a phony question?"

It's some ACORN chick he's planted who tells some story about her cancer and how his socialized medicine will cure her.

So the Messiah walks over and gives her a big hug. It was pathetic or comical, depending on how drunk you happen to be.

Here's how pathetic it was: Even Helen Thomas called bullcrap on it.

Read the whole story, it's a hoot. But the funniest part was when she said "What the hell do they think we are, puppets?"

Hmm . . . I wonder where Obama would have ever gotten the idea that the media are his puppets?

Spread the Wealth, Education Style
An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before but had once failed an entire class.

That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism. All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.

The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.

The second test average was a D! No one was happy.

When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

Could not be any simpler than that.

The Rest of the Story
The interesting part of this story is that it was sent to me by a friend who grew up in Chile. He was a boy when Salvador Allende took power and then Augusto Pinochet took it away.

The day after Election Day last year I walked into the break room. My friend from Chile was there. I said "How's it going?"

He said "I've seen it all before."

"Oh?" I said "Seen what?"

He then proceeded to explain to me about Salvador Allende. He told me the story as only he could, because he was there when it all went down. Allende was a charismatic leader of Chile who rose to power in a democratic election. Once he was in power he started re-structuring Chile's economy. He brought in Fidel Castro as a consultant. For four months Castro walked Allende through how to make the transition to communism. My friend would walk down the street and hear people talking in strange ways. They were Cubans and Russians.

Before long Allende had the communities "organized"—meaning, he had block captains who were in charge of deciding which families in the neighborhood were allowed to get how much bread and milk. My friend, as a boy, had to stand in line and tell the man how many were in his household and why they should have their share of food.

After passing out about half of the allotted food the community organizers (my phrasing, not his) would close up the trucks and leave, distributing the rest to their friends in the party and selling it on the black market.

Allende very quickly instituted communism in Chile—he laid waste to that country. Allende took over industries. He put the government in control of companies on the premise that they were critical to the nation. He put people in charge of those companies who knew nothing about how to run them, but they were members of the party.

The economy ground to a halt. My friend's mother lost her business because she wouldn't join the party. People were hurting in a way that you cannot understand if you've never been outside of the US.

And there was nothing anyone could do about it because Allende was a popular leader democratically elected.

"Surely you don't think that . . . " I started to say.

My Chilean friend raised his hands in the universal symbol for 'I'm just sayin' . . . '

"All I know is I've seen it all before."

Let me tell you again, this isn't a story I read on Wikipedia or in some text book. I got it from someone who was there.

It can and does happen . . . and in countries with written constitutions.

So they had some coup in Honduras. Yeah, those savages will do that. Storm the palace and eject the leader. Freakin' third world countries.

Wait, what's that? Oh, wait a minute, this just in. The coup wasn't a coup, it was a Supreme Court-ordered enforcement of the nation's Constitution. The guy they ousted was a bad guy. He refused to leave when his term was up.

Not everyone thinks he's a bad guy. He has the support of other evil dictators like Castro, Hugo Chavez and Obama.

There Will be Blood
When I say "Pinochet," what do you think? If you're like I was you think "Evil dictator." I'll ask you like my friend asked me. What kind of dictator asks his people "Do you want me to stay or do you want to have elections?"

When the people chose elections Pinochet had them. He set up a new government which expressly forbade anyone from his government from taking part.

In addition to saving the nation of Chile, Pinochet spared the lives of many communists. He said "Communism is now against the law in Chile. If you are a communist, that's fine, but you have to leave the country."

Other communist leaders he outright killed. People who plot the destruction of your country for their personal gain aren't going to go quietly for the benefit of the nation.

You like talking about arrogance? Let's talk about arrogance. Let's talk about the precociousness of calling Pinochet a murdering dictator because he had the guts to solve the problem. Let's talk about how blessed we are that we live in a system where that's never happened.

A friend told me that the way to effect change is through the box approach. Soap Box, Ballot Box, Cartridge Box. You try reason first. Let's talk this through, let's see if we can find some common ground and reason together. If that doesn't work, you go to the ballot box. You change the law. You fix the system. At some point you find nothing working and you reach for the cartridge box.

Once communism takes root, killing bad guys is the only way to remove the cancer.

The Game
Here's how this works. America is at war. We are at about 1770--about the time of the Boston Massacre.

There is a huge portion of America that thinks we are beyond that stage. That portion is becoming more vocal and more active. The enemy would love to shut down that portion--silence them outright. The enemy is frustrated that they can't squash those who don't agree with them. They have to maneuver.

I've been told I'm in denial because I see us in the Soap Box stage. Someone asked me "Do you think we're still at a point where this can be salvaged peacefully, or do you just hope it?"

I wear shirts with collars and pockets. I shine my shoes. I drive a four-cylinder commuter. I do not wear facial hair. My credit score is off the charts. I am as mainstream Joe Familyman as it gets. I still believe in the system.

But I'm telling you, we are in deep yogurt.

We are maneuvering. One side is trying to hold ground and advance and the other side is doing the same thing. You execute a flanking maneuver, try to draw the troops to one side, open up a space for the frontal assault.

But the bad guys can't just roll over us. It's a delicate game. They move too fast and we see it coming and adjust, or they are discovered, driven back, and lose ground. The enemy has to work carefully. We have to be careful, too. We have to work inside the system or we lose credibility and otherwise damage our cause. We have to stay right on top of it. We can't slack off. But it's a delicate balance. No matter how frustrated we get, we can't let these guys make us hurt ourselves.

America was done for. The end was here. If the declining morality and out-of-control crime didn’t kill us, pollution surely would. Supervising our demise was The Worthless One, Jimmy Carter.

Then God sent Ronald Reagan.

America had hope. We had a chance. For once in the lifetime of someone my age we saw the future being better not worse.

But the bad guys kept at it. The press kept maneuvering us to the left. The culture kept declining. Schools became more blatant in their propaganda. Environmentalist whackos started gaining traction. It seemed like the enemy had all the advantages. They were the ones who loved the deceptive games. They controlled the information systems.

Then talk radio came along. We had a fighting chance again.

And so it goes. We have Fox News. We have The internet. But the enemy keeps getting smarter and more effective. They love to play the game. We just want to live our lives and raise our families. They excel at deception. They are masters at full-on frontal assaults then making us the bad guys when we defend ourselves.

But we can't give up.

We're playing a chess game. The winner gets America.

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