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Chord Maps
Keyboard- Piano keyboard with slider
This is a large piano keyboard with a slider that relates the keys you're working with to the chords. It's easier for you to look at it than for me to describe it.

The main advantage of this is that it can be easily cut out and assembled--all straight cuts and no windows to cut out. It's a little bulky, but very visual.

It didn't quite make all my dreams come true like I expected, but it is definitely easier to put together than the super-duper extra deluxe ChordWheel that it was kind of intended to replace.

Slider for Keyboard Chord/Key Map     |     Keyboard for Map  

Chord map- Flat version of ChordWheel, map with slider
This is intended to give much the same information as the super-duper extra deluxe supreme ChordWheel, but without all the bother of the round wheel. But it also has the bother of cutting out little windows without the advantage of the cycle aspect of the circle (cycle) of fifths . . . which, after all, is what it's all about anyway.
Chord Stripfor flat chord map     |     Faceplace for flat chord map  

Printable file of the Faceplate and Chord Strip with instructions on assembling it.

Printable version of an overview of the features of the Chord Map, pdf file

Tubular Tutor- Cylindrical Chord map
I'm actually really liking this. It's the basic idea of the flat Chord Map above, with the advantage of the chord strip being cyclical . . . which, after all, is the whole idea of the Circle of Fifths. I was concerned about the 3D aspect of it, on accounta it being vulnerable to being smushed, but the big ol' chord strip hanging out of the flat Chord Map makes it a little unwieldy itself.

The cycle of fifths on a cylinder, inside another cylinder with windows to isolate and identify the chords you want to use.

You saw it here first!

No, really, this is unique (1/02/2023). I have a lot of good ideas that other people have already come up with, but I don't think you'll find this one anywhere but here. Yet.

Printable file of the Inner and Outer Cylinders with instructions on assembling it.

Chord Wheels

General (Piano)
    General front   General back   Wheel front  Wheel back
Or try This version with all pages (resolution may not be as good)

    Guitar Front   Guitar Back   Guitar Wheel Front   Guitar Wheel Back

Yeah, this is the great grandaddy of them all. I was learning the banjo and looking up chords online, but they were mostly grouped wrong. I started fidding with how to get the ones together that would be played together (in a given key) and they ended up arranging themselves in a wheel based on the circle of fifths.

That was pretty exciting. I went gung-ho putting this together and building prototypes . . . then I checked the interwebs and found out some other geniuses had already invented them before me. Of course my Chordinator is so much better than any of them it seems a little cruel to even post it here.

I never had any delusions that I would market it, but I did consider going low production on them just to build them for friends and family, but . . . priorities, right?

So here it is. It's a real pain to put together, probably barely commensurate with the coolness of the wheel. And it's not as perfected as it might be if I were going to market it.

Anyway . . .

Click here for Instructions for Assembling ChordWheels.

Interactive Chord Map Spreadsheet- Electronic chord map generator
This is kinda what you need instead of all these paper things you cut out and put together like we're in kindergarten. Except they should just be on an app you have on your phone.

Truth is I know no one is ever going to see these and it's just where I keep them so I can find them.

Enter the key you want to play in and this spreadsheet generates the relative chords that you'll want to use.

Chord map spreadsheet

Transposing wheels
    Print on card stock, cut out. Assemble with brads.

Wheels with notes in scale order
Transposing by Fifths
Simple Circle of Fifths Wheel with Instruments Overlay
Illustration of assembled Circle of Fifths Wheel

"Bracelet" Style transposing ring

Mnemonic for figuring out what key to play an instrument in

French Horn Harmonics
      Brief explanation of the perplexing harmonics of the French horn
      including a reference device to visualize it (of course--that's what I do).

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