Resources you Might Find Handy

From time to time I put together tools to facilitate projects I'm working on.
After putting the work into creating them, it seems a shame not to share.
I hope you find something useful here.

Soap Box Derby Home Page
Gravity Gran Prix

Music quotes from 2019 AZ WW workshop

Rob Gardner talk from 2019 AZ WW Conference

French Horn Harmonics

A Certain Small Shepherd 2011 Christmas program based on a beautiful short story
    Other versions of A Certain Small Shepherd, program for groups and families.

Amazing Grace Choral Arrangement
    How to perform Amazing Grace in an LDS chapel, arrangement I did when I was choir director

Christmas Gifts Sheet music of Christmas song I wrote
Christmas Gifts guitar accompaniment Video file.

Staff Paper

Depressing Songs of Love and Loss

Reunion.   A song I did for my mother-in-law's funeral.
Keeping Watch.   A song of comfort for widows and widowers.
Had You Been Spared   A song from my Depressionist Period reflecting on the death of my wife.
    I'll post the music when it's ready
Had You Been Spared audio   Audio of me working through the music for Had You Been Spared
    (sometimes the audio plays fine, sometimes it doesn't work--not sure why)
Across the Veil.   A message from a departed spouse, to the tune of Danny Boy.
I Will Always Love You   (Widow Version)
Take This Away   Sheet music (.pdf) song about trials
    Written for the Arizona LDS W/W conference, 2/27/2020
    YouTube video of more or less how the music goes.
        Not very polished, but the idea is to give an idea of the rhythm and dynamics
Transposing wheels
Print on card stock, cut out. Assemble with brads.
Wheels with notes in scale order
Transposing by Fifths
Simple Circle of Fifths Wheel with Instruments Overlay
Illustration of assembled Circle of Fifths Wheel

Mnemonic for figuring out what key to play an instrument in

Chord wheels
Instructions for assembling ChordWheels
General (Piano)
General front   General back   Wheel front  Wheel back
Or try This version with all pages (resolution may not be as good)

Guitar Front   Guitar Back   Guitar Wheel Front   Guitar Wheel Back

Chord Maps
Keyboard- Piano keyboard with slider
Slider for Keyboard Chord/Key Map     |     Keyboard for Map  

Chord map- Flat version of chordwheel map with slider
Slider for flat chord map     |     Face for flat chord map  

Interactive Chord Map Spreadsheet- Electronic chord map generator
Enter the key you want to play with and it generates the relative chords that you will want to use.
Chord map spreadsheet


Main Page
Dyno Spreadsheet
Gearing Spreadsheet


An Orienteering course that I put together that I thought was pretty cool. It's field-modifiable so you can print off the stuff before you go up the mountain and then work with whatever terrain you happen to find there.

Just click on the links already.

Complete Orienteering Course Files
Compass Course Spreadsheet
Three-legged Compass Course


Health and Fitness Knowledge Base
    Links to fitness, nutrition, and workout articles, spreadsheets for tracking and measuring fitness


Programmable Calendar
Perpetual Calendar
548 Report


Pipe Intersections
Handy Units Conversion Utility

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