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A Certain Small Shepherd 2011 Christmas program based on a beautiful short story
    Other versions of A Certain Small Shepherd, program for groups and families.

Amazing Grace Choral Arrangement
    How to perform Amazing Grace in an LDS chapel, arrangement I did when I was choir director

Depressing Songs of Love and Loss (in the Key of D)

Take This Away   Sheet music (.pdf) song about trials
    Written for the Arizona LDS W/W conference, 2/27/2020
    YouTube video of more or less how the music goes for "Take This Away."
        Not very polished, but the idea is to give an idea of the rhythm and dynamics

Keeping Watch, July 2019. Original song of comfort to widows and widowers. I submitted it to the new hymn book committee July of 2019.
    Three verses. Forgive the goofy format--I just kinda crammed the lyrics in there.
        Keeping Watch, early draft.
        My lyrics to the tune of "Come Thou Long-expected Jesus"

Reunion. A song I did for my mother-in-law's funeral.

Had You Been Spared
    A song from Frank Leany's Depressionist Period reflecting on the death of his wife.
    I'll post the music if I finish writing it

Had You Been Spared audio Audio of me working through the music for the song
    (sometimes the audio plays fine, sometimes it doesn't work--not sure why)

Across the Veil.   A message from a departed spouse, to the tune of Danny Boy.

I Will Always Love You   (Widow Version)
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts Sheet music of a Christmas song I wrote
      Christmas Gifts guitar accompaniment Video file.
      Christmas Gifts       Piano accompaniment of the song, video with lyrics.

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