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Last updated 7/07/10
Here are some of the planning documents for putting together the derby. I will try to post more as time allows.

Racing Setup Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to create match-ups for a race using timing. Eliminates the problems with brackets and allows you to map out the entire race before the first heat is run.

Forms Spreadsheet

Most of the forms to run the race, including a checklist, roster, manual brackets, and inspection stickers.
This really cool bracket spreadsheet automatically runs the race for you on a laptop at the track. You just type in the roster on one side, then choose Win/Loss from the little pull-down menu for each race and it automatically advances everyone as the races proceeds. Easy peasy.

Trouble is that is doesn't solve any of the difficulties of brackets--early match-ups that may unfairly relegate a racer to the loser bracket, waiting for cars, needing a specific number of competitors, calling the winner of a close race . . .

I had one guy go ballistic when his kid didn't win. Mansplained to me about the science of brackets and his degree in Recreation. Holy crap, if there were some authority he could have reported me to he would have. Assault with a doody bracket. I felt bad. Nobody wants a child to feel like he's been cheated.

So this really cool spreadsheet has been completely obsoleted by the electronic timing system. No matching up racers, no bracket complexities, no byes, no waiting for cars to get up the track to race against a prescribed competitor . . .

But if you need to run a bracket, this is a slick way to do it.

Derby Calendar

Dated do-list and editable calendar of events that have to take place to put on the derby.