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NEXT DERBY: September 3, 2022
3:00 pm, Peteetneet Hill, Payson

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Pay no attention to the “Salem City” part of the Gravity Gran Prix logo. I haven’t had a chance to change it.

The race is Saturday, September 3rd at 3:00 pm.
100 S 500 E in Payson, the hill just south of Peteetneet School.
Many thanks to Payson City for sponsoring this race!

Racers, please show up at 2:00 to register and get ready.

The rules are here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can e-mail me at fleany 'at' gmail.com (I hate putting an actual link for the spammers to latch onto).

I have a couple of cars available to use. Contact me to make arrangements.

Thank you everyone for making the 2021 derby a success. We had the biggest crowd we've ever had in Payson

Race results:
    1st Lilly Black
    2nd Ethan Fillmore
    3rd Josie Butler

    1st Parker Boyer
    2nd Amber Kilmer

    1st Alex Lockwood

I am making progress on the plans for a derby car chassis that people can use. I had this grand idea to build rolling chassis people could buy so they didn't have to struggle with brakes and steering. But when I totaled everything up the cost is pretty high. I am working on steering and brake sub-assemblies that might be a better option.

In any case I will post the plans and bill of material when I get them done. You can use those plans or a variation of them, or, if there's any interest I could come up with a quote for me to build it.

We are on Facebook.
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Race format:

Here is the .pdf file of the rules for the race. (Last Updated 8/28/21) Clicking on "Racer's Packet" above gets you the same thing.

Meet on the north side of 100 S on 500 E by 2:00 if you plan to race. That's the street just west of Peteetneet at the bottom of the hill.

There is NO FEE to race. We are trying to keep it simple, so in addition to having no registration fee, you show up by 2:00 pm on Saturday to register.

Even though there is not a pre-registration it would be very helpful if you contact me if you are planning to race. Also, please ask about any questions or concerns you have about the rules. Above all we want this to be a safe event.

The new electronic scoring system makes everything go much smoother and faster. There are no brackets. You get back up the hill and get right back in line. There are no limitations on who you race against or the order you race in.

Please tell everyone you know about this. If they can't build a car they should at least come watch.


Please contact me at fleany "at" gmail.com if you are interested in building or racing a car. There are enough cars out there we could find you one to drive if you aren't able to build one. But building a car is a lot of fun.

If you intend to race in someone else's car you need to make arrangements for that before the day of the race. That will go a lot smoother than trying to fit people into cars when we're trying to get the race started.

You need to check out this story Fox 13 Utah did on the race.

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