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The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president . . . it has not yet been fully revealed to the American public.

Hillary Rodham Clinton
In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show

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Welcome. Thanks for visiting the unofficial Vast Right-wing Conspiracy homepage. Of course this isn't the official VRWC homepage, because it wouldn't be much of a top secret conspiracy if it had an official homepage, now would it? The very fact that there's no evidence to support the idea that a conspiracy exists confirms that there is a conspiracy. Just ask Hillary. After all, she is one of the top 100 lawyers in America. (Just 'tween us members of the VRWC, she isn't even one of the top 100 lawyers in the WH :~) I mean, really, if she truly believes that we truly believe that she truly believed that Bill was "just ministering to a confused young girl" would you want her on your side of the courtroom?)

I had a real nice conspiracy page hosted by, but one day all those pages just went away. Poof! No, as a matter of fact, I wasn't at all pleased. I'll rebuild this when I have time. This template is way old. Bear with me while this is under construction.

Stirring Poetic Tribute section

Star Wreck: The next desperation

If you watch Star Trek I'm sure you recall
That some of the crewmen have no role at all
Except to be ready to give up their lives
If that's what's required so the skipper survives.

Captain PicKlinton with all of his wisdom
Has shipwrecked Free Enterprise in the Scandalsclese system.
And when dangers strike every week as they do
PicKlinton must sacrifice one of the crew.

I won't recite here the long list of the trials
That depleted the ship's store of cyanide vials
But if you've watched TV the last half-dozen years
You've seen the drill with the smoke and the mirrors.

Through the years many of the ship's loyal cast
Have stood by the Captain and then breathed their last
But now in the viewer some new hazards loom
That may spell disaster (or worse, even doom).

The danger this time is not so complex
It's only some extra-curricular sex.
But if we believe the ship's own detective
The captain may have breached the old prime directive.

It looks like the network could cancel the series
It seems that the viewer's becoming quite weary.
The episodes all start to look just the same
Every installment has "-gate" in its name.

The critics predict the show's early demise
But ending that series would have to give rise
To a spin-off that's based on one of the crewmen
Like Algor: The Android who wants to be Human.

As if to confirm what the networks predict
The spotlight now shifts to the crewman they've picked.
In a move to get more of the viewers enthralled
Algor the Android got an emotion chip installed.

But Captain PicKlinton is not giving in.
He calls counselor Troillary to the war room again
She's taken the role of the captain's protector
Scanning for danger in the vast far right sector.

Troillary sees things that no one else does
Way out to the starboard on accounta' because
A tri-corder scan of the space 'round the skipper
Would surely expose a malfunctioning zipper.

The sex makes the viewers sit up and take notice.
The pressure was on but PicKlinton sure showed us.
Although in the hot seat he didn't even fidget--
"You listen here!" He said, wagging his digit.

Now, in real life you would think he's a jerk
But this is sci-fi, so those tactics can work.
Captain PicKlinton's so fiendishly clever
That now the show's ratings are higher than ever.

While the good counselor's protecting his flanks
PicKlinton checks the level in the Leggous E. tanks.
He bangs the container and confirms his worst fears--
A dull hollow ring is all that he hears.

What's needed now is a welcome distraction
Behold! The I-Wackees are looking for action.
He'll make their destroyer go right up in smoke.
It's been there the whole time, but now it's uncloaked.

But every good battle plan has a good backup
Just in case Skipper looks ready to crack up.
There still could be a good fall-on-the-swordin'--
Right on cue in walks old Golfe N. Powell-Jordan . . .

If you missed the pre-quel to this story you can find it here .


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To join the VRWC please send your credit card number to James Carville. You will be enrolled as a member and should receive your start-up kit, decoder ring, book of secret passwords and directory of other members. I say "should" because for any other club you would but seein's how on accounta' cuz this is a conspiracy and therefore top secret we can't risk mailing anything to you. You will, however, have the satisfaction of knowing that you are an official member of the VRWC. To protect your identity and privacy your payments will be cleverly disguised as monthly charges on your credit card bill to Victoria Secret's, Mulboon's, Sportsman's Warehouse and Harbor Freight Tools.