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We are the Rangers, the mighty, mighty Rangers.
We live for danger 'cause we are the Rangers.
Pain is no stranger to a mighty Ranger.


Rope- and Knot-tying for Beginners

Great list of lots knots for scouts, or anybody else. Good explanations with links to diagrams. Invaluable reference.

Thanks to Sean for the link!

Complete Orienteering Course Files

Files from the 2008 Camp Jeremiah Johnson Orienteering Course. Pdfs you can print off and instructions on how to use them.

7 Wilderness Survival Skills

Nice site with good information on survival skills that could save your life.

Resources to help a scout earn badges

Helpful site with advancement requirements and activities including games, jokes and skits.

Merit Badge Requirements

This is an excellent site with all the merit badge requirements (Plus requirements for advancement). Some badges include exams and links to more information. Here's where you go to print off the worksheets for the Merit Badges.

Animated Knots

Helpful site with great illustration and even animations of how to tie every knot you can think of and a dozen you probably can't. Very useful.

You can find more knots here and here.

I guess if you were all that interested you'd have already googled these up yourself. But here's and excellent site about knots including types of rope and ratings and alternate ways to tie knots.

Online Library of Scout Resources

This is a treasure trove of resources you can print off, including forms, articles on knots and orienteering and more.

Norman Rockwell's Scouting

Cool site with many of your best-loved paintings about scouting done by Norman Rockwell.


Informative site with information on firebuilding, camping, compass, staying warm, and other skills a scout should have.

Survival Manual

Some good information on Wilderness Survival or just general camping skills. Or you can download the full US Army Survival Manual.

And, in a spectacular display of how useful the internet is, you can get an astonishing assortment of field manuals online.

History of the Boy Scout Handbook

Comprehensive listing of all the boy scout handbooks. Includes tables of contents and pictures of all the printing with interesting notes about differences throughout the years.

Tutorial on Topographical Maps

Illustrated totorial on maps, scales, contours, and using a compass. A simple set of lessons on how to use a compass and orienteering in general can be found here.

Scout Activities

Great site full of classic scout games. Includes tips on uniforms and leadership. Has ideas for campfire programs, training games, scout skills, and how to build equipment. The site has a real flavor of good old fashioned boy scouting.