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We are the Rangers, the mighty, mighty Rangers.
We live for danger 'cause we are the Rangers.
Pain is no stranger to a mighty Ranger.

  The Rangers are a military unit trained as shock troops for high-risk raids.  The Texas Rangers are a legendary law-enforcement agency.

Our patrol chose the name Rangers because the courage and training exemplified by those troops are characteristics we want to emulate. Our patrol flag is designed around the wings a Ranger gets when he graduates jump school.


  • The Eagle in the center represents the highest rank in scouting
  • The five points on the star stand for the five ranks on the Trail to Eagle
  • The eagle's 2 wings represent Duty to God and Duty to Country
  • The 12 shrouds on the parachute represent the 12 points of the Scout Law
  • The three arrows in the eagle's talons remind us to be Physically Strong, Mentally Awake, and Morally Straight
  • The words on the scroll are Latin for The More You Sweat in Peacetime The Less You Bleed in War
    which is another way of saying "Be Prepared"




Note: Our patrol name and the nice things we say about an Army unit should not be construed to mean that we believe the Army Rangers are anywhere near the fighting force that the US Marines are. Rangers just makes a better patrol name.


Patrol yell: Hoo-rah!

Patrol Cadendce: (Caller yells and patrol answers next line)

Everywhere we go
      People wanna' know
Who we are
      So we tell them
We are the rangers
      The mighty, mighty rangers
We live for danger
      'Cause we are the rangers
Pain is no stranger
      To a might ranger
(Everyone together) Hoo-rah-rah!

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