Washing Cars

You almost got me.

When I heard the story that Randy Horiuchi was proposing a city ordinance to make it a crime to wash your own car in the driveway, I almost got upset. When I heard the reports that he wanted to require everyone in Salt Lake to take their car to a commercial car wash to save water because of the drought, I almost thought someone had seriously proposed such a patently stupid idea.

I almost pointed out that
1-Given the man's dimensions, he probably uses more water to shower than it takes to wash the average Buick.
2-Commercial car washes use more water than a garden hose with a nozzle.
3-Who does City Government think they are that they can dictate where we wash our cars?
4-Especially since they water their parks and school yards at high noon.
5-Has anyone looked into how much campaign money Horiuichi gets from the car wash industry?

Then I checked the date.

You almost got me. I almost believed that someone was stupid enough to propose an ordinance like that. Had it been anyone but Randy Horiuchi I wouldn't have fallen for it for even a second.