Javier Sickler is still alive? I'm not falling for it.

According to reports, Javier Sickler was recently sentenced for raping and beating nearly to death a 10 year old Salt Lake City girl. The girl was blinded in one eye, will never see more than three feet away out of the other eye and had every bone in her face broken. Officers who heard the noise and interrupted Sickler in the act say that had they been 20 seconds later, the child would have been dead.

Now, do you expect me to believe that in a state that values its children, its guns, and personal responsibility, that this filthy human-shaped collection of cells lived to stand trial? Do you really expect me to buy that the citizens of Utah would not surround the police station and demand that he be released into their custody or they and their thousands of firearms were coming in to get him? Would you really expect this walking cancer to be in a courtroom being tried instead of in some remote cabin in the mountains being slowly tortured to death?

If this report were true, I would be deeply ashamed to be a citizen of Utah and not have some of this monsterís blood on my best shovel.