Human Shields? I'm not falling for it.

I'm hearing about these people who are going to Baghdad to strap themselves to military targets as human shields. Let me get this straight. Friends of Saddam Hussein are voluntarily placing themselves where our bombs will kill them?


I'm not falling for it.

Here's the deal. Donald Rumsfeld, always cost conscious in today's economy, has figured out a way to save bombs. We've got targets of military importance that we'd like to take out, but we don't want to hurt innocent people. But there are people who are enemies of America who might pose a threat. Those people we wouldn't mind returning to their sender.

So what if, instead of bombing the targets with one bomb then trying to ferret out our enemies and wasting more bombs on them, we could kill two birds with one bomb?

Now, people who prefer to live in a world of terror aren't all that smart. So it's easy enough to plant the suggestion. Rumsfeld has used his operatives to get to these people and say "Psst. Hey, why don't you go chain yourself to this power plant in Baghdad. I'll bet if you did that, the US won't blow it up."

The mental midgets that support Saddam Hussein think "What a great idea! Golly gee whiz, I'm a-gonna run over to Baghdad and help out my buddy Hussein. This is the greatest idea I've had since I climbed in the refrigerator to see if the light went out."

What's the last thing that's going to go through their minds when we bomb that power plant?

Their skulls.