Only trying to help

The recent who'd've-ever-thunked-it? story is about a woman that pretended to be a long lost (17 years) daughter of some guy.

Now, I'm not going to blame you if you fell for this. In fact, I salute you. It would mean you haven't wasted nearly as much time as I have reading Stephen King novels. Not that I wondered for just a moment how Stephen King in his worst waking-up-drenched-in-sweat nightmare imagined someone as looney as this chick.

But once you read the story, you know it has to be brilliant fiction. This gal shows up saying she's the guy's daughter that's been lost for 17 years, all in some kind of oh-just-teasing hoax.

But wait. You haven't heard the crazy part yet. She turns herself in and then says "I was just trying to help. I'm confident it will all work itself out in the court system."

That's how versatile these new authors are these days--swiftly moving from horror to comedy in one seamless motion.

I would only suggest that the author of this horror story pay a little closer attention to editing. 'Cause as I read that statement, it makes no sense in any context, much less the one it was made in.

Oh, wait. There is one place that sort of ridiculous comment might be expected. Is this gal a democratic congresswoman?