Anthony Powell's not a Phil Hendrie character? I'm not falling for it.

Phil Hendrie's got a character named Steve Bosell who's constantly suing somebody over the stupidest things. Apparently, there were more stupid things to sue over than one character could handle and Phil's had to create a brand new idiot.

This new idiotic character is named Anthony Powell, of Spanish Fork, Utah. This character was onboard a TWA commuter plane when the front landing gear failed to extend and the flight crew had to land the craft wheels up. This they did, successfully saving the lives of everyone on board. The grateful Powell is now suing TWA for "Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome." Oh, yeah, those characters are hilarious.

The trouble is that some of the local newspapers, unfamiliar with Hendrie's shtick, have reported it as fact. They're even reporting the name of the ficticious sleazy scum-sucking greed-infested lawyer Randy Spencer.

That's where the entertainment is. People who really think that somebody could be so silly and could find a lawyer to file such a transparent attempt at larceny.

If such limp-wristed robbers as Anthony Powell and Randy Spencer did in fact exist, they would be laughed out of any advanced civilization of thinking organisms and be banished to some remote wilderness.

That's assuming that an advanced civilization of thinking organisms did in fact exist . . .