Tiny building lots? I'm not falling for it.

I know I'm not the only one that's scratched his head over these luxury homes on a footprint the size of a basketball court.

They have an event called the Parade of Homes where they walk you through these newly built luxury homes to show off what's available. These homes cost one or two million dollars, and have the finest of everything. "Everything" includes huge curtainless windows in the master suite that seem like you're outdoors. But three feet the other side of that window is the huge window of the family room next door. Anytime you're in your bedroom, you're on stage. I guess that's easier than leaving your honeymoon videotapes lying around for the construction workers.

You, like me, might have gotten the mistaken impression that people actually live in these homes. You probably thought that the giant jetted bath with the huge bay window looking into the neighbor's nursery a few feet away is going to have a very unattractive naked rich person standing in it a week after you go through the home.

This has puzzled me enough that I set my brain to working on it and I figured it out.

These homes are actually like the displays set up in your local furniture store. You know what I mean. They've got all these different living room sets and dinette sets and bedroom sets all crowded together just so you can see all the styles that are available. You try out the couch imagining what it would be like in the privacy of your own home, ignoring the 25 others that are crowded around it.

That's the answer. These homes are all crowded together for the convenience of the prospective buyers. Once you find a style you like they move it to an actual lot.

That's the only way this makes sense, since no sane person would spend a million greenbacks on a house that's so close to his neighbor's that you can barely ride a bicycle between them.