Hollyweird Leftists are standing up for republican values? I'm not falling for it.

This is a technique you're seeing more and more. It's based on the aphorism that "The extremists of any group are working for the other side." For example, people that blow up abortion clinics hurt the pro-life cause.

Liberals, intellectually handicapped though they may be, are finally cluing into this truth. They are testing the methodology by pretending to be pals with Saddam Hussein.

See, in Saddam, liberals have found what they consider to be the perfect republican. He loves to destroy the environment. He richens himself at the expense of the poor. He is a terrible racist and a shameless misogynist. And a more devout proponent of the death penalty you'll never find.

Clearly, were they true to their "values," liberals would like to see Saddam gone. So the Hollyweird leftist crowd is trying a highly efficient technique to stir up public sentiment against the dictator of Iraq. They do this by pretending to support the man. The ridiculous chants they use to proclaim their indefensible position leaves everyone that listens to them outraged and sickened. Anyone sitting on the fence in this debate listens to one of these leftists "supporting" this madman and immediately finds himself in strident opposition to the monster.

I personally find it very brave of these people to subject themselves to such ridicule in order to achieve such a worthy goal. I only hope that by exposing their technique I haven't undermined what they're trying to accomplish.

Naw, not a chance. I know all about it and it still infuriates me to hear them pretend to support this Butcher of Baghdad.