Unspeakably Evil Insurance Companies? I'm not falling for it.

You might have heard this story about Jade Pusey, the director of law enforcement for the Utah AG's office. He has a rare cancer and if he doesn't get a stem-cell transplant he's going to die. His insurance company won't pay for the procedure. The gist of the story is that insurance companies are evil.

But I would caution you to remember this is only one example of countless stories that you're always hearing about insurance companies refusing to pay for what they are designed to pay for. That's a classic sign of an urban legend--a recurring theme that tugs on your heartstrings.

If you heard one of those stories about a person that can be saved by a procedure that an insurance company won't pay for, you'd be very tempted to say the insurance company is evil.

See, that's why I'm guessing this must be a hoax.

'Cause if it were true, it would mean that the insurance company is a filthy, no good, rotten-to-the core collection of scum-sucking, greed-ridden, no conscience crooks and mother rapists in collaboration with the devil who should burn in Hell for eternity.

Oh . . . wait a minute . . .