It's all our fault? I'm not buying it.

Day before yesterday our payroll clerk comes running into the conference room all out of breath. Turns out there's a big INS bust next door, so everyone files out of the meeting to go see the big buses and people standing around in handcuffs.

Then Rocky Anderson, mayor of a major western city whose name rhymes with Lalt Sake, comes out on the news and says it's wrong for the agency who's job it is to round up illegal immigrants to round up illegal immigrants. He says that (seriously, folks, I'll get the trascript) he says it's our fault for having a society with favorable work conditions.

So the liberal solution is for America to emulate the crap cans these people are coming from so they won't want to come here. I heard some guy spouting the same nonsense to Bob Lonsberry the other day.

That's what happens with a hilarious joke. It gets passed around.

So Jimmy Carter comes to town last night to spread his wisdom. Apparently he wanted to put the audience at ease with a little joke so he told the same one. His view on the world? It's America's fault. Yeah, he said "Our policies in the middle east are the cause of the animosity towards us."

I don't know who's writing this comedy, but it's priceless. The second worst president of my generation is lecturing us on foreign policy. It's comic gold.

I know it's comedy because there's no way that we can have that high of an MDF (moron density factor--which, if you think about it, is a high density of DMFs).