I can't shoot an intruder in my own home? I'm not falling for it.

There's a story going around that Ronald Dixon of Canarsie, NY, surprised an intruder in his son's bedroom. When he confronted the intruder, he was charged, at which point he shot the scumbag twice. Now the Brooklyn DA wants to send Dixon to Riker's Island for four weekends because the legally purchased firearm was not registered in New York.

This has all the ear marks of an urban legend. Outrageous story, children in jeopardy, infuriating and frightening, with broad appeal, a situation anyone can relate to, and bad guys that anyone can hate.

But think about it. A district attorney is supposed to uphold the law. If this story were really true, that would mean that the district attorney is on the side of the career criminal.

Urban legends are intended to scare you. This story is about a man doing the right thing and spending time in jail for protecting his family. That's scary. It implies that you have no right under the law to protect your family. That's scary. It sends the message that the system is on the side of the criminal. That's scary.

Classic urban legend material.

I'm glad I know it's a hoax. If I thought for a second this story were true, I'd be terrified of what America has become.