Burkas on Drivers License Photos? I'm not falling for it.

So you've got this story going around about some Muslim gal in Florida wants to get her driver's license. When they get ready to snap the photo, she claims she has to keep her burka on. She says it's part of her religion.

As the story goes, people at the DMV are of the opinion that the whole idea behind ID is being able to tell who someone is by the picture. They seem to think that a picture of a piece of cloth lacks the distinguishing characteristics to tell one person wearing a piece of cloth over their face from another person wearing a piece of cloth.

Then the story claims that the lady sued the state of Florida, alleging they were violating her right to practice her religion.

Now if you fell for this, I have two things to tell you: Number one, you should be ashamed of yourself; Number two, quit forwarding around that message about how Bill Gates will send you money for forwarding around a silly message.

The people you heard the story from want you to get in some kind of Xerxian quandary about "Wait a minute! She can't wear a burka in a picture that's supposed to be used for ID . . . but then, we can't infringe on her right to practice her religion. Oh, what to do!? What to do!?"

But what those people who created this ridiculous and obviously fictitious story forgot was that you'd have to be stupid to think this was a story about freedom of religion. You'd have to believe that every person on the planet has a God-given right to drive a car, and the state has no right to apply requirements to that.

See, what you, the educated, enlightened and naturally bright reader of Leany on Life, already know is that the woman in this fable is free to practice her religion all day long. I'm no expert on Islam, but I'm pretty sure the Holy Q'ouran doesn't require her to have a driver's license.