Berkely parents stoop to exploiting pre-schoolers? I'm not falling for it.

According to The California Patriot children from Berkely elementary and pre-schools that pride themselve on "alternative curriculum" that focuses on things like yoga social justice, staged a peace rally protesting "Bush's War for Oil."

A lot of the kids didn't know who the president of Iraq was. Some wondered if it was "a boy or a girl." One of the kids thought maybe his mother might know, then after asking her returned and said "Oil kills lots of people."

Some people, especially in Berkely, might stoop so low down as to exploit their children to further their political agenda. But not even in Berkely would they resort to the kind of thought policing that this article portrays. You might think the purpose of the fictitious story was to alert us; to make us aware that maybe some distant day if things continue the way they are, that a drug-addicted crazy generation of parents might stoop to the kind of child abuse that is painted in this myth.

But I think it was just a ridiculous story intended to make us chuckle.

In every Phil Hendriesque story, just to make it fair, there comes a moment when the audience is given a clue; a statement of position so ridiculous as to erase any doubt and cause the paradigm shift of realization that it has all been one giant pulling of the leg.

The tipoff that this story was completely bogus was when the Berkely mayor was quoted as saying that "kids instinctively know about solving conflicts. They know that the best way to do it is to talk things out." Oh, hah-hah, dearie me! That's rich! Anyone who's spent three minutes on a playground would have clued in to that punch line and realized that it was pure entertainment.