Democrats made those ads? I'm not falling for it.

Heck, nobody fell for this one.

A website out there called Move on dot org has been getting some attention lately. (I imagine that name was the result of a typo in the registration forms: More On dot org is a more descriptive name.) Anyway, they purport to be a group dedicated to tearing down George W. Bush. They’re running a campaign called “Bush in 30 seconds” where they try to develop attack ads moaning about the president. What they’ve come up with is an ad that says Bush is Hitler.


Even a liberal can see the damage such absurdity does to their cause.

Those crafty Republicans have done it again. They knew that even having a contest saying “We’ve got nothing better to do than solicit negative ideas about the president” paints the democrats as radicals (“whack jobs” is the proper medical term mental health professionals use). But just for that brain dead portion of the population that sends money to televangelists, the republicans behind this brilliant scheme took it to the extreme. To definitively paint the liberals as crazed lunatics, they credited them with creating the most absurd of comparisons--a US president doing his job as a mass-murdering dictator. Just how stupid do you have to be to equate the senseless murder of millions of innocents with refusing to hand over the keys to the White House to a bunch of human-shaped viruses wearing shower caps and prom gowns?

I’m torn on this one. On the one hand I want the right-wing conspiracy to succeed in their efforts to paint the liberals as complete nutcases, incapable of rational thought much less running a country. But on the other hand, my ego cries out “Don’t let people think you’re simple-minded enough to have fallen for that one!”

But here’s the way I figure it: If you’re too dumb to know those ads bolstered the republican cause, you’re too dumb to find this column on the internet.