BYU students protesting

It's definitely April Fool's Day. The fools are out in force.

Last week some BYU student whose name I intentionally purged from my memory was arrested for blocking the entrance to the Federal Building in Salt Lake. Nobody cared who he was or what his vocation was. He was arrested in a routine procedure to keep our system functioning just like a garbage collector picks up the trash that's left out on the curb.

This trespasser somehow got in the vicinity of a TV camera and proclaimed that he was a BYU student and since they had an honor code prohibiting violating the law and since he had been arrested he would surely be kicked out of BYU.

BYU immediately responded by ignoring the child.

So today the kid (whose name, as you recall, I don't know because he's nobody) announced that he was voluntarily leaving BYU due to his violations of the honor code. (Please refer to the previous paragraph where I pointed out that BYU took no action whatsoever in response to his being arrested).

Am I the only one that's figured this out?

This kid is composing a letter home. "Dear Mom and Dad. I am flunking every class. I can't grasp the most simple concept and I'm sure to be kicked out soon. Thanks for the tuition . . . "

In walks the roommate. "Dude, they're like totally having this protest tomorrow Dude. You in?"
A light bulb comes on in Dude's small head and the unfinished letter goes in the trash. On a fresh piece of paper, a new letter is begun. "Dear Mom and Dad. I am deeply concerned about the hostilities in Iraq and have determined that I have to stand up for my convictions regardless of what consequences might . . . "

Who said the protestors never accomplished anything?