You have met the requirements to be a member of the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy.

Please raise your right hand and take the following oath:

I hereby certify, promise and swear,
State and declare that I'd never dare,
Divulge all the secrets that must be concealed,
In this vast conspiracy Hillary's revealed.

I further promise (and swear and decree)
That you shouldn't worry, that you can trust me;
I won't reveal where we congregate
Or what we discuss about toppling the state.

If I am tortured by Clinton's hired thugs,
I will keep quiet, I'll spit in their mugs,
I will pretend there's no formalized movements,
To target bad leaders and effect improvements.

If I am asked I'll swear that this entire,
Organized effort in outrage and ire,
At Clinton's behavior is simply because
Clinton is lying like he always does.

I'll do my best to make it appear
That there is no organized effort out here
To rout out corruption; I'll simply pretend
The will of the people's achieving that end.

Inasmuch heretofore on accounta' because
Pursuant to applicable statute that does
Apply here I state my support of the majority
In compliance with controlling legal authority.

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